Arsène Wenger


“verge of imploding”!? Calm down, Christ

You’d think were about to go into administration with the way some people are talking


How else would you describe it?

The board arent taking control. Wenger has lost the control and confidence of his players. Key players do not want to stick around. We wont be playing in the Champions League next season, money that we supposedly need. Transfer activity in the summer WILL not be good enough once again.

How does the club come back from this next season? If Wenger signs and nothing changes, every defeat next season will be met with violent boos and protests. Its just gonna snowball out of control.


No one said we are going into administration but most people, obviously not including you, are realising what a few of us saw coming a few seasons ago.
Lack of investment, repeating the same mistakes and a board that is told what is right for the club by the very person dragging it down, Wenger.

If you can’t see how bad this situation is, then I can only presume you will be more than happy for him to sign a new contract and drag us down even further.
Either that or you are part of the clubs PR department.

What ever way you look at it, we are in a mess, and it has been like for ages, and Wenger is responsible for it.


Wenger-dragging Arsenal to hell.


I wouldn’t describe anything going on at this club as a pending implosion. You look silly over dramatising Arsenal’s situation when they’re are clubs out there struggling to survive as an entity. The club is in a safe position off the pitch but several improvements/changes are necessary at board level and on the pitch. We could have a competitive side next season with the right changes

Some those speculations are valid but Wenger hasn’t signed anything yet.


He said after last night, “we need to respond.” But wasn’t last night’s match supposed to be us responding to the last away game we lost? And that one was supposed to be us responding to the one before that. We’ve basically spent 10 years trying to “respond”

That’s the only answer he ever has!


People look down on the Europa League, but I think it can play a big part in our ‘revival’. Even if we lose Ozil and Sanchez, Arsenal still should have the ability to build a proper squad which should win that thing. Winning it, delivers Champions League football and the monkey on the back of this football club would get at least a little bit smaller. With the money of the Champions League etc. they can continu to build.

But asking Wenger to deliver, remains a big ask. Since he didn’t deliver when it counted the most (last season).


Last week we had Wenger with its not like were fighting relegation now you with administration ffs.
Its fucking free fall no matter how you look at it. But yeah you take comfort that were not Sunderland or Newport. Thanks Arsene.


Exactly. The Europa League is the only way for a club like us to qualify to the Champions League. The league is too competitive.


This is the culmination of years of low standards.

Here’s the 6th placed teams mentality: finish 6th, get top 4, get top 4 again, push for title, push in Europe.

Throughout every part of this club, finishing 4th has been in the conciousness for years. We can dream of the title but once that’s gone don’t worry, we’ll get 4th. Iwobi’s comments really angered me, 4th shouldn’t even be in his mindset but he’s a young player and it most definitely is at the forefront so it’ll be in the rest of their minds too. Wenger reminds us of it constantly and how proud he is of that record. When has any coach INSIDE the top 4 gone on about top 4 so much? Sure Spurs, Liverpool and Everton managers can go on about what a great thing 4th is when they’re 5th/6th/7th but when you’re up there already it’s a bit weak.

If you go for the title you’ll inevitably spend time finishing 2nd and 3rd instead of 1st, and if you go for 4th you’ll inevitably at some stage end up being 5th or 6th. We’ve come remarkably close on a couple of occasions and this time our luck has run out.

If players gave up on Mourinho, Ranieri, Pellegrini then it’s not hard to see players giving up on Wenger too.


Against Crystal Palace,
Wenger - Manager
Walcott - Captain

The weakest combination I have ever seen at Arsenal.


Definitely if it’s up to him he would have announced he’s signed his contract already, still think some behind the scenes want him gone and I think this and the recent downfall of our season is stopping him from announcing it. It’s amazing that he’s not even fired by now, and the fact he could stay really damages us and his legacy within this club.

I think they wait until a few days after the Everton game to announce he’s staying, doing it over the remainder of the season won’t help matters. I think he and the board will do a lot of damage if he signs on for another two years, one bad result next season throw on the departure of top players and Wenger’s spending on rubbish and not changing a damn thing with his tactics. I could see it getting very abusive towards him and his legacy with a lot of fans will be damaged.


I think this is the worst I have ever felt as an Arsenal fan.


The mentality is fucked. The players expectations are fucked. This club is WEAK. Arsenal has always prided (is that a word?) itself as a proud club that will fight even against the odds, till now that is.

Walcott’s interview after Palace an absolute disgrace. ‘‘They wanted it more from the off’’. Fuck off you worthless piece of shit. Captain saying that for fucks sake. Disgusting. The whole club should be ashamed letting it come to this. Charging top dolla for devoted fans to follow them up and dowm the country and across Europe, FOR WHAT? So the captain can come out and say we didnt want to win. Get outta here you overpaid weak minded poor excuse of a sportsman. They are actually taking the piss out of their loyal supporters with this garbage. Whole club is a shambles. Arsenal these days give nothing back to the fans instead of misery.


^^ But other than that are you happy about things? :speak_no_evil::wink:


He could potentially only have 9 more matches at the helm, geez that’s a juicy thought.



I couldn’t quite believe my ears when he said that. I didn’t even get angry though as I feel like I’ve pretty much given all the fucks I have to give about Arsenal already, I just let out an incredulous “HA” at the ridiculousness of it all.

“You could see they just wanted it more from the off” is something we get to say as fans, or an observation a pundit can make, because we have no influence on what happens on the pitch. When you’re a player you can influence that. “Palace want it more? Well I had better up my levels of effort and concentration in an attempt to counteract that.” Instead our team just go through the motions and accept their fate as if they have no influence over events.

As a player you can’t get away with saying “they wanted it more”, you have to pull your fucking finger out and do something about it.

The scoreline and performance are the most telling thing, but I think that what will stick in my memory from last night in particular will be Walcott as captain and handing duties over to Ramsey when he went off. That really seemed to sum up the 2016/17 vintage for me.


So I guess you don’t want Arsene to stay for another 2 years then lol?


This genuinely made me chuckle