Arsène Wenger


It’s a sad state of affairs it has all come to this. Hopefully he somehow fails to sign an extension or god knows how much more toxic things will become.


Having watched the post-match interview; I do feel for him on a humanistic level.He looks sad.

One thing I have never had any doubt of is that he truly and genuinely cares for the club, it is just his ability that has expired.

I refuse to join in the conversations that involve taunts and jabs at Wenger, he too must now know that his reign is coming to an end.

Even, after all of this, I’d love for his send off game to be one that is packed, and filled with passion! He deserves as big a send-off as Ferguson did.


Difference being that Ferguson had a fucking big bucket under his arm.


If he truly loves the club he will leave. I think he loves the money more and signs the deal.


I wonder what it would actually take to force Wenger’s hand in not signing.

Even tho we know it won’t happen, but we’ve already lost 4 away games on the spin and look beatable by anyone. I don’t think it will happen, BUT if we lost all of Middlesbrough, the Fa Cup semi, Leicester and then an NLD humiliation, would he go even then?


I think he’s staying no matter what, he’d talk about how he’s only had one bad season in his tenure and he’s determined to rectify the situation.


The players have really given up on Arsene. Look at the comments by all the pundits. Wright, Carragher, they all say that’s whats happening and I’m inclined to believe them.


That’s Wengers fault then. The fans, the players, the pundits, the media… nobody has any faith in him anymore and rightly so. He’s turned himself and the club into a laughing stock.


So then what is your opinion of the man if he signs an extension ?




Look’s like they’ll only be able to make the announcement in the summer. Maybe a good month in when everyone’s ‘cooled off a bit’.


Gotta support him. He’s our manager plus he’s a gilf.


Crystal Palace manager Sam Allardyce, speaking to Sky Sports: "Tactically the players were aware of how to beat Arsenal. The first thing was to defend and frustrate them, keep them playing sideways, then use the space behind the full-backs. Arsenal have been weak defensively, they leave the centre-backs exposed.

Lol so easy to beat us. Middlesbrough will play the exact same way next Monday aswell


Gonna score a couple. And they haven’t been scoring for ages :hipster:


Nah ‘‘unfinished business’’ will be the line used


:joy::joy::joy: amazing


This whole club suffers from the disease of “lack of accountability”. The board and owner are not strong and demanding enough and so Arsene doesn’t have any pressure or accountability. Arsene himself is not a strong enough character and therefore the players feel no pressure and so again, no accountability. It’s as simple as that.

Another thing, I have had enough of players coming out post game and apologising for their performances. The whole point of an apology is to admit you have made a mistake but more than that, to say that you have learnt something from it. If you are going to keep making that same mistake time after time, your apology is worth nothing.

As for the whole contract situation, given the history of lack of courage and accountability at this club, I don’t think any announcement will be made till the end of the season. It’s quite obvious that the board knows his decision, that he is staying. There is no need to announce it to the world cause they don’t really give a fuck about the fans. As for the players, the board and manager are naive enough to believe that they are professionals and therefore should operate like professionals, even though every game is proof that the players simply aren’t doing what they should as professionals. God help this club, this board, this manager cause they are fucking clueless.


Spot on.

No one ever takes the blame. The board never speak up and Wenger never admits when he has done wrong.

The whole club is on the verge of imploding.



Wenger deserves his job. best manager in the world lad. :hipster: