Arsène Wenger


And he won’t answer it either.


No words of support in front of the fans. In my opinion a new contract is not a sign of support because I think which they are using Wenger to save their faces from criticisms.

Will be a surprise if they will choose a new manager and will build a team of support around him.


OMFG i give up…waste of my time!



Allegri, for example, won with AC Milan and Juventus because:

  • he is a very good trainer and tactician
  • great players in the team
  • behind him there are the elite of the football organization

We can fix the first and the second problem, but the third?

90/100 a winner club has a great structure behind the manager. The other 10/100 are teams like Leicester last season.


Wenger has free reign here. For as much praise as he deserves for what he has done the criticism is as fair. Furthermore Arsenal fans have backed him for so long. Even on this board people had lenghty discussions about Wenger only 1/2 years ago.

Those words of public support mean so little. There are probably multiple examples out there of board supporting a manager and than firing him a couple of weeks/months later (Ranieri and De Boer this season come to mind). Their actions, by doing everything he wants, are probably a better indication of their support.


In your opinion their actions are indications of their support.

In my opinion their (absent) actions are indications of lack of interest, they prefer to delegate and keep their rich affairs under control.


Milan was a mess, at least financially. Hell, they still haven’t figured it out and are looking for new owners. I think they were 5th in one of Ancelottis last season. They didn’t sell Kaka for the fun of it. He still managed to perform. Juventus are probably a better example.


Gazidis has to act in the interest of Arsenal not Wenger, maybe he figured out Wenger is not the man to carry us forward. Which is his actual job.

He did say in the summer Wenger is the man to carry us forward.

Cheswick at the AGM:

Gazidis at the AGM:

[quote]“You have a club that is Arsene Wenger would do everything himself.

“There is a big team around him of world leading experts in areas such as scouting, player recruitment, analytics, medical, strength and conditioning, psychology and coaching.

“All these different areas that equip us to move forward with the game.”[/quote]

Wenger has all the support he can get. He just doesn’t perform.


I wouldnt bother he is just being contrary for the sake of it.


That’s how management works. You leave the work to the people that know how to handle it. If they were not confident enough in Wenger doing it on his own they’d hire someone. At this point it’s Wenger for the footballing part and Gazidis on the financial side.


AC Milan had Adriano Galliani, Ariedo Braida and Silvio Berlusconi into the board.

Under Allegri they bought high profile players like Robinho, Ibrahimovic, Mexes, Balotelli, De Jong despite they had Thiago Silva, Flamini, Pirlo, Pato, van Bommel.

They helped Allegri to work with any problems from the outside, until the moment when the financial crisis ruined the plans.


And it’s worth saying again, this is exactly what Wenger wants.


Good enough for me. Arsenal will already have targets lined up for key positions for the summer and Allegri doesn’t need a director of football and viceroy of the trade federation to say Lacazette, i like him.


On Fifa and Football Manager, yes.

Real football is different. Because of the lack of communication, Antonio Conte resigned in July.

Allegri will not join Arsenal if anyone will support him, 100%.


This thread has taken another turn for the worse… looking forward to it being dormant, but I stick by my prediction AW will be our manager next year and that is frankly depressing.



Van Bommel, Ibra, Balotelli are clients of Raiola. I think he was involved with Robinho too. Did they sign them because of brilliant work of the board or milked they their relationship with Raiola?


yep, but is important the influence of the agent? They have signed WC players with high wages.


Dont think Galliani and Berlusconi while Allegri was there were at all an ‘elite’ management team.

And they difn’t do anything big Dick, Gazidis and Kroenke would do.