Arsène Wenger


I feel as regards Wenger it will be sad to see him go THIS WAY, because in a way he doesnt deserve it but who knows maybe even the players are fed up with the same old same old. They are not stupid (as much as i feel some of them are) i am sure they are thinking to themselves especially the ones that are here for ages why do we never have tactics training why do we never analyse an opponent to adapt why do we never really and truly change ANYTHING, it must be mundane as fuck coming into training every day for years and doing the exact same things pretty much so maybe even the players are thinking to themselves when they hear him say ‘i am thinking about another contract’ FUCK THAT i cannot do another few years of this i thought he would be leaving now it looks like he is never going to leave if we keep on achieving enough to keep him here. It is obvious they are not playing for him anymore.


Social media suicide solution, for me.


If Arsenal want to replace Arsène with a DoF, an head of scouting and a better board structure, I’m totally agree to change Arsène with another figure.


All the things people warned us about that would happen without Wenger (no CL) might just come to fruition with Wenger. I wouldn’t say it’s a certainty in the slighest, but it does seem we’re playing against the odds at this point.


Why hasn’t he resigned yet? FFS! Just do it, you old stubborn fucker!



Well he’s going to get his wish because every year he stays he leaves the club in worse shape.


Kinda used to disagree with a lot of this stuff, but the end of last season and this season i just cant take it anymore i used to feel he would turn it around after he had the money and we now had sanchez ozil and cech so i thought yeah we are going to turn this around but we seem to be getting worse with better players…we used to play better with denilson and fucking Djourou and Almunia with Bendtner as striker, we have players like ozil and sanchez and we are worse off for it…how the fuck do you bloody manage that (pun intended)


Just look at the screen shot from the 3rd goal yesterday. That’s called losing the team.


In my humble opinion if Arsenal will appoint a new manager, new sporting director, new head of scouting, new team manager and a football figure into the board, I will watch the future with optimism.

We’re the only to be a one man band club (maybe Real Madrid).


A. Wenger (manager) - ? (sporting director) - ? (team manager) - ? (academy manager).

A. Conte (manager) - M. Emenalo (sporting director) - M. Granovskaia (team manager) - N. Bath (academy manager) plus Roman Abramovich (he is behind the team every week).

P. Guardiola (manager) - T. Begiristan (sporting director) - F. Soriano (team manager) - M. Allen (academy manager).

J. Mourinho (manager) - E. Wooward (vice-chairman with big influence during the transfer window) - ? (team manager) - N. Butt (academy manager).

L. Jardìm (manager) - A. Cordòn (sporting director) - V. Vasilyev (team manager) - B. Reuzezu (academy manager).

U. Emery (manager) - P. Kluivert (sporting director) - JC. Blanc (team manager) - C. Vidal (academy manager).

T. Tuchel (manager) - M. Zorc (sporting director) - H. Watzke (team manager) - L. Ricken (academy manager).

C. Ancelotti (manager) - M. Sammer (sporting director) - W. Dremmler (academy manager) - K. Rumenigge / F. Beckenbauer / P. Breitner (directors).

M. Allegri (manager) - F. Paratici (sporting director) - G. Marotta (sport departement CEO) - P. Nedved (vice-chairman) - A. Agnelli (chairman, like Abramovich he is every day behind the team).

L. Enrique (manager) - R. Fernandez (sporting director) - A. Braida (team manager) - P. Segura (academy manager).

D. Simeone (manager) - J. Camineiro & A. Berta (sporting directors) - M. Gil (team manager) - M. Ruiz (academy manager).

Z. Zidane (manager) - E. Butragueno (team manager) - V. Fernandez (academy manager) - F. Perez (we know how is influent him).

J. Sampaoli (manager) - Monchi (sporting director) - J. Lillo (team manager) - P. Blanco (academy manager).

Every team has a big structure behind the manager, every team but not us.


And whose fault is that? Your God Wenger.
He will not allow anyone to tell him what to do…Until he is gone none of the things you go on about will happen…Wenger is the one holding this club back…


That doesn’t make it impossible to change this, maybe they are waiting for Wenger to fuck off to build a proper hierarchy. It has been said that Gazidis doesn’t seem to agree with how Wenger does things, even though he outwardly supports Wenger I think deep down he doesn’t like how he does things.


Any new manager who comes in is going to demand those positions be filled. Bang on about it all you want Maxi, it’s only an issue because Wenger wants to/thinks he can do it all.


This is why I’m against the board and I’m totally with Arsène Wenger. Why Gazidis and Kroenke haven’t fixed these problems during the last 8 years?



He tried to convince Houllier and Garde to join us, and was ready to quit when our board sacked Dein.


What’s even the point of denying the appointment of a sporting director?


Why they are ready to offer him 2 more years?

Because they are not good enough to walk with their legs and need the umbrella man for another two years.


Typical of his transfer policy. Try one or two and if it doesn’t work out just ignore filling the position. As I pointed out last time you brought up Houllier it was Wenger himself leading the search. He decided on nobody being the way to go. The board back his decisions and whilst that’s obviously led to its own problems it really is a case of Wenger not wanting anyone in that job and the board backing that decision.


Wasn’t Wenger on the panel during Gazidis’ interview?

Wenger is an old school manager. He believes the manager should have major say over all footballing matters. He doesn’t subscribe to the head coach model at all


It has been said time and time again in the club and from players and staff that wenger butts in too much to things that he should leave with others. You hear of scenarios of ‘we sent Dick Law to sign up xyz’ and in the midst of this Wenger changed his mind or is unsure so we had to leave it or that we were going to get it wrapped up but Wenger didnt like the price so we had to look elsewhere

Wenger dallies and is meddling, and i think a lot of people like Gazidis are sick of him.