Arsène Wenger


Hope Barca hire him.


And that’s supposed to make me happy how? First he butchers my football team and now my language. :grinning:


Really bad PR and response.
By using his logic, we can say “It is not like Arsenal was not Arsenal before you came”.


Me too!


Never heard him speaking german ;). Relax yourself :xhaka:


Its not like weve won 5 times since hes been here… And im sure you had to be Champions to qualify before he came here…


I really want this too.

Ive always wanted to see how he would do at another Big club.


Honestly if he just has the superior players I think his style will be dominant.


Keyword here. Because if he doesn’t get them handed to him on a silver platter he ain’t getting them.


Honestly won’t give a fuck what Wenger does after Arsenal, I’ll just be relieved to be enjoying football again.


Would be interesting to see what he could do at Barcelona. It would certainly help him that he had MSN doing the attacking, but I’m not sure if he could get them to really defend as a unit or even have them play any kind of pressing as he doesn’t do it at Arsenal. Interesting thought, not sure how it would end though.


He could certainly play how he likes to. I’m sure he’d get a lot of 4s, 5s and 6s in the league.

Are Enrique and Zidane such spectacular coaches that he can’t replace/compete with them?

He finishes 2nd-4th with the 2nd-3rd best team here, no reason to think he won’t finish 1st-2nd with the 1st-2nd best team there.

He’s just got his feet under the table too much here. There was that podcast a few years ago that said he went to meetings about the fucking catering. He’d probably work differently under a proper president/sporting director that was pressuring him (and maybe helping him too) and he’ll probably have a fair chunk of cash to sign some top players like Bellerin and Koscielny :grin:

Not saying he’d build another empire and be Barca manager for a decade but I doubt he’d be a disaster. Definitely sacked in 2 years time though.


Watched bayern game next day. All I saw was what i’ve been saying for a long time now…
No idea, no plan, no balls, no hope.
Could not believe how low the players are. Wenger has lost them big time.
I’ve been saying they are lazy bustards, but now I just think they aren’t lazy they’ve just had enough of clueless Wenger.
How that French c**t is still in a job I don’t know.
He should, would be sacked for gross incompetence in any other line of work.

Good job we’ve got Sutton next.
Sack the French tw at.


Wenger’s German is decent. Much like Moyes’ Spanish. @AbouCuellar


Guess what we still havent. Even with Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Eduardo, RVP, Fabregas, Sanchez, Ozil.
We did have success in europe with Alan smith and Kevin Campbell though.


i am sure that was one of his tasks also too, to be successful in europe so if we havent done well in europe you are supposed to surpass previous managers and do better…20 years here and only 1 CL final which we lost, whats your excuse Wenger. I think he is gone…because in a way he is now taking the piss out of the very club that has been good to him, if it was a player that said something like this they would be fined or something.


Weak excuse. Just because we haven’t a great european record that doesn’t mean we have to accept a defeat like this.


Whoever comes in though has to rebuild with solid foundations though and it may take some years maybe 10 or more…
The team is rotten from the core and needs ripping out and start again .
The coaching model is backward and wrong from youth upwards and there are no decent coaches at the club !.
A new broom needs to sack every single one of the coaching staff and start again !

I saw film about Bruce Springsteens the river album the song the river reminds me a lot about Arsene and Arsenal ,a love affair that’s gone bad but hasn’t ended . Theres a line in it "Is a dream a lie if it don’t come true ,or is it something worse "? sums it up for me !

Kaners fears are a worry for all but not enough to hang on with last decades man ,we need a long term build not a quick fix but we need to end this purgatory so please Arsene do the honourable thing and leave at the end of the season come what may !


If anyone watches the whole 12 min conference you’ll see how out of context this tweet is. Obvious agenda is obvious.


Is it really that bad? Drives me nuts because i automatically just choose to believe what i read as i cba listening to an entire interview.