Arsène Wenger


Wow, he actually looks defeated in this interview.

(Lol at the choice of thumbnail)


Wenger’s decision to leave couldn’t actually come at a worse time.

He leaves, which means Sanchez and Ozil leave.

We get a new manager in who will probably clear out a whole bunch of players while bringing in a whole new bunch of players.

It’s going to be a very bumpy, very messy ride and it could take us several seasons to recover, time that teams like United, City, Liverpool and Spurs are going to be cementing their places at the top.


That’s why he is no longer a good manager, and not really “love” Arsenal as some said.

Did not prepare the worst would come, did not learn from RVP’s incident…


For me, when you think about it, the turning point of Arsene’s abilities and general mentality at Arsenal began to drop off all started with that 4-4 collapse at Newcastle in 2011. Perhaps you could point to earlier moments but that game was pretty bad.

Soon after, we fucked up that final against Birmingham which is still one of the worst defeats and feelings during his time at Arsenal. And then of course to rip the fragility further, the famous 8-2 defeat to Man Utd a few months later suddenly put him under a lot of pressure.

2011 was definately the first point of some fans wanting him to go. The fact it’s now taken as long as 6 years to finally get to the stage where it’s gone from one side to the other, while experiencing further pain shows we’ve put up more than enough crap in this time and it really has to end now.


The contract’s of Ozil and Sanchez will be a very tricky situation for the new manager to have to deal with should Wenger leave this summer. Both do not look as if they are any closer to signing an extension, in which case the new manager will have to pick between selling one/both, or risk both of them going into the season with only one year left for both of them.

I imagine both, for good or bad, will wait until the end of season to see what happens with the manager.


That 8-2 game was the lowest I’ve felt as an Arsenal fan I think.


[quote=“Cristo, post:4044, topic:125”]
That 8-2 game was the lowest I’ve felt as an Arsenal fan I think.
[/quote]The odd thing with that game, at least for me, was am pretty sure we played that game same time a F1 race was on, and I think I decided we probably weren’t going to do well up there, so I stuck with watching the F1 that afternoon, and occasionally checked the score.

Best decision made lol.


It was definitely the worse for me too as my brother is a UTD fan, hear that been bought up every damn year isn’t nice
Losing RVP to them was the moment I went anti Wenger. We lost that big club feel when we start selling our best players to our rivals.


Wenger should have been sacked there and then . Total humiliation at Old Trafford of all places .
Have we honestly improved since that defeat ?
It proved Wengie is a very good underachieving overrated, over paid manager .


If Wenger left at least he would leave our board without excuses.


Who ever lives to see it Wenger will sign for another two years!


I was in Vegas for this, and I had every intention of waking up at 5am and going down to the sports book to watch this, but got way too fucked up the night before, woke up with a massive hangover, opened my phone to see the result…rolled over went back to sleep :joy:


What excuses have the board been offering?


I meant now that Wenger is probably gone they have to splash the cash.


There’s absolutely no evidence whatsoever that not splashing the cash is the boards doing.


Haha yeah. 100 percent Wenger.


Craig Burley: “If you’re still in the ‘oh I feel sorry for Wenger because he’s given us great times’, then you’re a mug.” :joy:

He’s super pissed off. Wowza.


A week is a long time in politics and football. Sutton Monday then nothing untill Liverpool away which gives them all time to lick their wounds and hopefully come with a plan to beat them . Arsene will be able to take stock and maybe just maybe he will like st paul on the road to Damascus he see the light. Another bumholing at liverpool followed by the bayern match and i fear ugly scenes . I have always thought that he will sign 2 more years but now im not so sure.


I fear for us at Liverpool with the high tempo pressing game they play under Klopp, I think we will be in for another convincing defeat.


The board forced the RVP sale through, Wenger wanted him to play out his contract, same with Nasri