Arsène Wenger


Hopefully hes told them that and they are planning something already

Cant see it though with our board


I’d prefer him to say now, either way, then we can all prepare for what happens next…Just been Doctors and got 400 co codamol…Incase its bad news…


That statement form Ornstien is promising. Still not 100 % confident he’s leaving though.


It’s all bullshit. That contract is signed already ffs.


^ That’s my line also. Cannot believe we’re lucky enough for him to finally see sense. He’ll continue on this road of stale, uninspiring management until he’s forced to see it and I really don’t believe he has yet.

If Alexis and/or Oezil leave, he’ll definitely want to stay, to rebuild. The delusion is real.


Code for he stays if he wants.

Farcical that it is all up to him and a big fuck you to the fanbasee by both Wenger and the board if he puts pen to paper.


What really bothers me is this…and i can 100% see this happening.

Summer comes and he signs an extension saying 'he is not finished and has work to do still and he still feels the hunger and desire to do well and the board trust him to put things right. He feels he still has the support of the players and the Board and he wants to work towards making the wrongs right etc…all the same shit soundbites…i just have a horrible feeling he is going to sign again!


I don’t read it this way at all. I think it’s actually a step back from earlier reports that a contract was on the table for him to sign to it’s going to be a decision between both sides if current state Arsenal can continue to go this way.

That being said though I think Wenger will ultimately have the last word on his future and I hope he recognizes that he can’t take this team any further and that his time is over. After last night I can’t see any sane person that cares about the club not thinking that it’s time to move on.


There is no way Wenger signs the new deal.

He did in 2014 and rightly so because we finally had money and we had won a trophy so it seemed positive. I think everyone can agree that after beating City in the Community Shield we did believe that maybe there was some serious progress being made. We had Ozil, Sanchez, Ramsey coming off the 13/14 season…

I think Wenger deserved the new deal last time. But he doesn’t now and he won’t sign one.


One of the worst things yesterday was watching Alexis and Özil gesture and yell (you could even hear it at one point) at the other players to get out while the old fart was just sitting on his bench rocking back and forth doing NOTHING. If Guardiola or Simeone or Conte or Klopp saw their defensive organisation fall apart like that they’d be screaming their lungs out on the edge of the technical area. I really can’t see why Wenger’s training sessions should be any different from his games. I told you what I want, no let the chips fall where they may…


Don’t know about this one lol


Wenger was no where to be seen yesterday. Clearly, and his post-match reaction supports this, his heart isn’t quite in it anymore. Even he must realise that he can’t take this club forward further.

I’d like the board to show a backbone and take his contract off the table, but that’s too much to ask of them… Regardless, it’s getting harder and harder to see him signing that contract now. I think Manchester United will pip us to fourth place aswell, and that really would be the final nail in the coffin. Ideally he should’ve left at the end of te 2013/14 season, I guess hindsight is a great thing.


Even this waste of space. :disappointed:


Havent seen Wenger looked that dejected and tired in an interview before. He knows times up.


Arsène will leave because he understands which he can’t help this team to improve and to be better. Gazidis, Kroenke and co. want his sign on the new contract because they need to use him as “lightning rod” (as the players) for another two years.


i don’t know that our defensive frailties are a symptom of Wenger not screaming his lungs out, I find that a bit of an obscure thing for you to think tbh.

However, I can’t really remember what his attitude was like when we were at the height of our powers, was Wenger vocal back then?


I’m really saddened to see it end this way for Wenger. Such a disheartening end to an incredible career. He should have been able to end it like SAF.

Really gets me down.


Its all about the journey, not the destination. The good years will be remembered. :blush:



By some and he’s burned bridges with others, without doubt he seen as one of the best managers (personally George Graham gets the nod for me as our best manager) we had but his last few years of failure won’t be forgotten by some either. I’m sure in the next few decades his lean years will rewritten and made not to look too bad. His first tens years or so were fantastic.