Arsène Wenger


I was going to tag you also but I thought you may be borderline judging by your recent posts. Anyways what you said is all fair enough.



Thats fine in principal and standard after yesterday. That will come under scrutiny though with any loss and probably have to make a decision before the end of the season.
Id expect announcement after the return leg against Bayern.


He cannot be given a contract extension…he gotta go especially as can we realistically get in the top 4 based on our performances of late???


If our level of performance does not rise we are finishing 6th. That’s not being negative that’s just taking into account how poorly we are playing and looking at our run in objectively.


Just to echo some of the comments on here…how the fuck can a board leave it up to the manager if he wants to sign a fucking new contract…??

I agree with @ArcticArsenal that the Cesc and RVP thing was handled terribly.


@Aussiegooner Would it be better all round if we actually did…? I am leaning towards YES


It’s hard to say. It should be blatantly obvious to the club that we need change even if we finish 2nd and go on a run when the pressure is off. We are likely losing our 2 best players in the summer coupled with all the mental scarring we have suffered its going to be a challenge, but we need to get the ball rolling.


This. I add John Cross is spot on. He needs to announce he is leaving now.


It means he is leaving, imo.


Yea, he’s definitely gone. There’s no way back from that and I think we’ll have another 3-4 departures in the summer with Alexis probably being the biggest. Will be a rough summer but something has to change.


Well, Conte convinced Costa to stay. Hope the new manager did the same.




Letting them go without a fight and letting RVP go to Man Utd just made us look weak and laughing stock which we have never recovered from sadly. That made us look small time.

the Board should be telling him he’s going at the end of the season. This man wouldn’t have lasted at any other top club with his track record.


Bar Koscielny, Ozil and Sanchez I don’t think any other departure will hurt us tbh. You can put Cazorla in the list too probably, but we don’t know how reliable he is health-wise.


Slept on my emotions and yeh, he’s still a dick that needed to go three or four years ago.

Also if anyone needed actual proof that Ornstein loves trolling Arsenal fans lmao.


The deal is obviously still on the table. The board are weak as fuck. Wenger runs the club and will do till he decides to leave. The board and Gazidis will be shown up when Wenger leaves and they struggle to find a manager.


So the deal stays on the table and a decision will be made about his future when the season ends

If Wenger loves the club like he says he does then hopefully he will tell the board sooner rather than later that he is leaving and gives the board a chance to get someone in place as soon as possible

I think the board have no idea what they are doing though. Its at times like this when they need to stand up and say enough is enough. Its obvious Wenger has lost it yet the board carry on accepting the same old shit

Nothing changes if nothing changes!


Yea, pretty much. Koscielny I think is going to stay though, but alexis I think is definitely gone if he gets a decent offer and Özil could be too, though I’m not sure if he’s really playing for a bigger deal somewhere else right now. That being said in a better team I can easily see him becoming more influential again and put in better performances, similar to how Draxler looks a lot better right after he moved.


The club were offering him a 2 year extension already…they have changed that to ‘it will be a mutual decision at the end of the season’…Think that’s as clear a message you will get from the board that Wenger is leaving in the summer.