Arsenal's Best Possible Starting XI?


Play that formation and sign a winger, CDM, CB & Keeper in the summer.




They’d probably play better out of their pokeballs. Am I right Mysty?




You really think Kolasinac instead of Monreal?


Gonna drop Laca for rest of the season - let the new manager sort that out. We need points and he’ll get tonnes of game time. Not sold on Elneny, decent player but more shows the benefits of having someone with a bit of discipline rather than being particularly good.


Bellerin - Koscielny - Mustafi - Monreal


Ramsey - Wilshere

Ozil - Auba - Miki



Bell mus kos nacho

Wilshire mo

Ozil Mik

Auba lace




I think we’d concede a lot with Cech that far out of his goal tbh?


I’d like to praise you for your foresight but the initial post is basically unreadable


@craigie how do you do the formation plugin?

3 of these ``` (not apostrophes ')
Micky Micky Micky
  Ramsey Ramsey
3 more ```