Like him?


PPB: putting the semen in basement


This got oddly arousing way too fast.


The best way to stop the “repeated boring critics” from AFTV is to put up a strong season by consistent quality performances, which Wenger and his team failed to do.

If you keep failing, people keep criticizing, and you are feeding the attention seekers.


Nothing wrong with what was said here tbh. I don’t like the embarrassment that is AFTV, but DT and every Wenger critic is correct about the manager.


“We need God, fam”


I like AFTV at least unlike the team they always damn entertaining imo. I don’t think most of them are attention seekers ( feel Ty and Moh might be veering that way) but I honestly think the likes of Claude, Lee, DT and Troopz and like the most of us have seen this year In year out, we can time it every year and that’s sad. All everyone wants is for this side to show some fight and mount a challenge but they can’t even do that.

As you said team wins leagues and CL don’t get complaints.


I think they are attention seekers (doesn’t mean their opinion are wrong) because when you keep saying the same thing again and again… you could choose not to get on the TV, stay away for a week/game or two and then come back.

They may have free tickets or rides or whatsoever… but you don’t really need to get interviewed week in and week out, especially your opinion/points are basically the same…


Yep, much to the amusement of the nearby Chelsea section.


You are talking about a stupid man which helped to ridicule our fanbase with shit people like DT, Claude (he tempted to kill himself, announced many times his retire from the “show” but he is still here), Troopz and other subhumans with a poor culture, any love for Arsenal and a big ego to become famous on internet between the kids who play at Clash Royal.


I notice you seem to mention only the anti Wenger fans in your condemnation here mate.
How about the pro Wenger ones on here. Do they come under the subhumans banner, or does the likes of Ty represent a more cultural support of Arsenal.


3 and a half years later and nothing has changed.


Ty is stupid because don’t understand which he is used by AFTV (Robbie) to be bullied by Claude and other fans.


Okay take that for a no then.


Gary Neville :heart_eyes:


Is a cunt.






Hope someone DDT’s the fucker.


To be honest, I don’t understand why people here are overly critical of AFTV.

They do the exact same thing we do here. They explain their perspective (which at most times is static, like us lol) on a camera to the public. They’re entitled to their opinion. If you don’t like them, there’s no need to watch their videos.

I think they do consolidate a wide variety of perspectives in to one social media platform which is fantastic, but obviously WOBs have been dominating the dialogue much as they have been on OA.

And what, ridicule our fanbase? LOL. Our club image has been hurting by our team performance - don’t forget that. The fans response is always reactionary to what Arsenal provides us on game day, not the other way around. Fans having an outlet to share their opinions has never been the reason why Arsenal’s reputation has been deteriorating through the years.