God bless who have the energy for the jokes after a 3-1 against Chelsea.


If you can’t enjoy the ride to the bottom what’s the point?


Comedy is an amazing coping mechanism. OA does a lot of that. :wink:


I’m sorry if I misunderstood.


Nothing would please me more than to close this thread.

I fucking hate AFTV with a passion.


You fascist bitch.


Explain why


How about you just watch one of the videos and save me the effort?


celluloid gutter press


I’ve got my own opinion but I’m just interested to hear different thoughts on AFTV tbh


I thought rule no. 1 of being an AKB was that anyone who doesn’t believe is immediately a heretic?



Nah that last one was a cheap response by me, apologies.

I just think that they’re all attention seeking cunts primarily concerned by their own image and how they come across on youtube, and ensuring that they stay on the channel therefore getting free tickets and travel. There’s a complete absence of nuance or sensible debate, just people shouting each other down and becoming increasingly self parodies of themselves.

What I hate most is that they just bring even more scorn and embarrassment on our fanbase, as if we need any more of that. All my mates who support other teams blow up our whatsapp thread after every embarrassing result of ours and I just sit there silently fuming.

I could go into more length about things I find objectionable but life is too short haha


If one day you will visit the South Italy, you have a friend here ready to pay you a dinner in front of the sea with good wine.


Places like reddit for instance are just full blown with AFTV memes to the point you have to search for anything meaningful to read when Arsenal loses/doesn’t win. It’s not even funny anymore how big this bullshit portal has become and how obsessed everyone is with the post match meltdown.


Which is why I’d love it if this thread didn’t exist. It’s bad enough other fans doing this without our own fans joining in.


Cringeworthy cunts. Robbie is also a dispicable cunt with his fucking spray on shirts.


If Jake ever visits NI, I’ll probably date rape him too and keep him in my basement for a while.




Hey, that’s my line. We got plenty of basements here ready to be used.