I bet they are unhappy we didn’t lose :wink:


Yep, they’re twats…good.

Angry Heavy D. No BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! :joy:


I won’t take AFTV serious… but if you are a real Arsenal fan, you should be mad.
There are too many things to mad at.


I look at them like this…If we win/draw, I tend not to bother. If we lose, I enjoy the meltdown. Strangely, these fellow Gooners spouting off their angry tirades at Robbie cheers me up a bit after a loss.


That’s really strange I hate to hear these blow hard given a platform.


Why should I invest my energy being mad? This team is exactly what I thought it was. It’s just a shame I was right.


What’s worse being mad or being let down disappointed?


I’m not fussed if people are mad, I’m simply saying that I’m not. Neither is worse, nor are they necessarily independent of one another.


Boring twats.


I listened to this latest DT rant and while I completely agree that Wenger is absolutely miles beyond finished now, Robbie’s point about the importance of squad management and resting players is legitimate. It’s the sort of thing DT will conveniently ignore until he can use it against Wenger when one of our players does get worn out and injured. Still an enjoyable rant despite that though.


Ty said we lost because of the rain… :xhaka:


I posted this to “Troopz” after he called Wenger a fucking fraud,

“I’m not a Wenger in, But Troopz is the fucking Fraud! When you see Wenger in his car again,Troopz, don’t go and kiss his arse like you did the other day. Be brave and speak up to him, but you’re only a fraud.”

I hope he’ll read it, the fake annoying wanker!


I don’t know man, he has a point when it comes to playing guys who are scoring goals the game before and are hot at the moment. Wenger is totally not giving them the chance to carry the form forward to retain the consistency.


I do think AFTV has some great guys who they interview, Lee, Graham and even D.T and Claude, although D.T at times I do think plays up to the cameras a bit. I like Troopz too, although too many Fams and Buds for me. I do find it funny that some press guys will slaughter AFTV the day after a defeat so they don’t have to say anything bad about Wenger or the team i.e John Cross. AFTV never disappoints unlike our side sadly.



The worse it gets the more popular it gets. They are a parody of themselves these days. Not many brain cells between them.


Can’t agree more.


I am seriously considering a purge on these vermin !


“Wenger can’t take us no further”

A great line for AKBs and fans of the double negative alike :sunglasses:


Fuck knows who Jamie is tbh lol