You should go on and you can be in the Chris and Ty corner :joy:


Never heard of that first name you mentioned but I know Ty


Think of all the free away tickets you could get :campbell:


I can imagine constant away games would turn even the most optimistic of us into a very least realists. Defeats are hard enough to take sitting on my ass at home with a beer. Dunno how some people do it with all the money and time spent traveling.


By shouting profanities into a camera after the game by the looks of it :joy:


Gotta admit, it needs certain kind of talent to do so…at least immune to any kind of embarrassment

You can give me life time Arsenal membership and free tickets, I just can’t do it.


my only advice is dont watch it


Arsenal version of Jerry Springer


Interesting, I would have thought AFTV would be right up your alley


One positive thing they have is they at least know more about football than you do,and thats not a lot ,they also go to football matches something I doubt if you ever have !


Cant imagine myself at Ludogorets away.


Haha personal attacks about football knowledge and going to football matches? Such a childish mentality for someone who’s one of the oldest on the forum.


Wasnt an attack was just stating fact,my advice to you is that if you cant take it, dont dish it out you stupid dweeb !


Lol, i haven’t heard that in forever…not since my school days!


You don’t know me, so how can so how can anything you say me a fact?

All I suggested is that you might partial to some AFTV seeing as they put out content that resolves around regularly matchgoing fans, how is that a slight?


I was going to use the term fuckwit but felt it a little over the top so dug deep in the bag and came out with an old favourite.


I know enough about you to know your a “wrong en” as we say in Islington .
Your style of writing has undergone at least 2 changes since you signed on with such a ridiculous nome de plume even a half wit could figure out u are not an Arsenal fan .
You even admitted on the old board you were a paid social media watch professional ,so your trolling around here for a paid purpose,a sad way of earning a crust but not illegal I guess.
I ignore most of your rubbish but if u try and mix it with me then expect to get it right back at you .
I fart in your vague direction !
Happy New Year to you !


They’ll be kept busy tonight… with the same old argument cliches. “IT’S TIME TO GO”, “We can still win the League” :xhaka:


They can fuck off.


Bring on another edition of high-volume direct face shouting