Lol @Luca_from_Italy you called it spot on! :joy:

This guy is a regular away supporter.


I said this before, they’re all on the same supporters coach each time as well.

Anyone remember the Sky Sports advert with the Arsenal away coach travelling to a game, Bully/Claude/Ty all on there etc. Arsenal never takes less than 6 official supporter coaches to an away game, they’re always on the same one together.

Arsenal Fan TV seemed to really gain popularity the season before last I’d say and since then some of these idiots are caught up in their own hype. I make an exception for Bully, a nice man, but even he went a bit OTT with the printed t-shirts.


Not difficult to understand. They have become a comedy show by now.


Sigh. Now I feel guilty of giving them views two seasons ago.
I didn’t realise even same fan channels will get scripted or manipulated.

Fuck this world. Fuck everything.


This guy right here annoys the fuck outta me, every 2 seconds it is BLUD or FAM or HAM ROLL, every bloody interview hear it about 100 times he cant complete a sentence without 4 or 5 of those chucked in there, gets on my tits!

His typical shit ‘Where were you going blud what was he doing fam, do you get me fam, do you get me blud this guy is a ham roll, legit this guy is a HAMROLL FAM, do you get me blud, you get me fam!’

fucking hell :facepalm:


If you can talk like them, I will certainly watch it and sure the rating will double up :slight_smile:


back home to London and try out the pengest munch as consolidation.


TBH, it’s like all these things that get popular over time. Instead of being what it originally intended to be, it eventually ends up being a cashcow and just produce the same scripted formula over time.

Take that argument Ty and Claude had yesterday. It was practically identical to the one they had away to Stoke two years ago.

“You’re deluded”
“Are you more committed than me?”

Practically the same yesterday.

It’s better when funny things are happen naturally, but it undoubtively become more scripted vibe about it these days.


Will say that I never knew the term “Ham Roll” until AFTV. Crack up every time I hear it.


I don’t get what the fuck it is meant to mean or signify, why not bacon butty or cheese croissant…this guy just enjoys his sandwich meats in a roll i guess!



You mean the run we were on before Everton beat us?


This “run” will end when Chelsea comfortably beat us. :sleeping:

Sick of reading Wenger apologists. Sick of Wenger. :sleeping:


Who remembers this?


how could they miss DT and Chris (optimist) and Lee??
Should have a tag-team cage brawl included…


no one is sick of you complaining over Wenger 5 posts every day about the same thing triggering the responses though :henry2:


this is literally the first time since the end of last season I have posted about Wenger lol :joy:


rofl anyone can go through your posting history and find complaints over the manager every now and then. Or are you drunk most of the time you’re posting?


oh fuck sue me. Can’t say anything bad about Lord Wenger can we? Also see you said every now and then. Not the 5 posts a day you said originally! :joy: :joy:


you laugh, you said you hadn’t said anything since the start of the season, you can :joy: :joy: all you want lol

5 a day lately is probably an understatement :smiley:

I don’t mind people thinking Wenger is shite. It is pretty pathetic to complain over how tired you are of his apologists though since there wouldn’t be -a single- post defending him if there weren’t endless fucking accusations covering every thread for days every time we bum a game though would it? Whiners start it every single time, per definion, don’t they? the people who defend him do not randomly go out and make empty defenses in random threads all day do they. In fact he can get it right 10 games in a row and there is about one comment in his thread, he loses a game and people shite all over the place for days.

No need to sue anyone, it was a direct response to you saying you were tired of people defending him. one thing leads to another hence the “you triggering the responses” comment :slight_smile:


Don’t they only get a lot of views after a defeat? I mean I could go on it but I’m too optimistic and it wouldn’t get much views.