Imagine the uproar if he genuinely did replace wenger…fucking hell!


sure some United fans would want to k___ him, if he do that


Probably slutton… :smile:


What a waste of time… I don’t really get why there was so much hype around something so disappointing. They got Gary Neville to talk to them and didn’t provide a lot.


Did anyone really expect it was going to be interesting? I watched like 3 minutes and turned it off.


If they bring Henry, Bergkamp, Adams and some previous loyal servants of Wenger to the show, it could be great.
If they bring in an outsider like Neville, don’t waste my time.


Gary Neville destroyed Arsenal Fake Fans TV members, but they don’t know that because aren’t capable to understand.


I would have expected them to challenge his opinion a little more and talk about Arsenal in general more than being upset about a stupid emoji on twitter.

Dunno… In such kind of show I’m more interested in Neville’s opinion than I’m about any of the others. He’s more involved in media and less of a diplomat when it comes to Arsenal. That being said I was expecting more Arsenal content and less disagreement over a comment on television.


Neville has no history of Arsenal, no relationship with Wenger, he is just a pundit. How much does he know from watching and observing from outside?
If we want some opinion of a pundit, it can be anybody. They picked Neville because he was our rival, that’s it.


They were always going to talk big then act like star struck bitches. The only winner here was ever going to be Robbie regardless of how the interview went.


Slutton…The good old days…


He’s a media personality and one of the best pundits in England, while having played the game itself. He certainly has some kind of idea of the ins and outs at a club like Arsenal. Not as much as someone like Henry, but I think enough to have a fair opinion on things from the outside.

That’s true, though I think Robbie is also the most honest of these people and you can’t blame him after being given such a chance. That being said I think it’s a bit of a shame for such a channel to be dependent on the characters they have to really become successful. The idea is right but it doesn’t help the format at all having them shout at each other week in week out to become relevant.


Watched about as much of this as I could stomach, funny how they weren’t as shouty as normal once you replace the booze/matchday experience with a tv studio. I think they probably were starstruck, didn’t hear anything from Troopz unless he mouths off near the end fam.

Too much time wasted on whether Neville was or wasn’t being disrespectful to the one fan with the banner, who cares? Main point they agreed on was the devaluation of the modern football supporter by clubs


What a bunch of bitches. Hey Gary you were really mean to an Arsenal fan. It hurt our feelings.


It’s embarrassing how many times Neville had to reiterate the distinction between his view on Arsenal Fan TV as a whole and the incident he saw at Stamford Bridge in particular, but this lot just weren’t getting it.

I’m sure this video will be a record breaker for Arsenal Fan TV and achieve what they wanted from it, but as a whole it sucked.


Why did Neville talk to them? He is already campaigning for England’s highest political office: national team manager.


Neville thinks he’s fucking authority on everything in England atm because clowns like this consistently go on about how great of a pundit he is. As though drawing little doodles on an interactive board is fucking rocket science.


I don’t know how DT can proudly claim he’s spent £70K on Arsenal since 2004. That just boggles my mind tbh seems like such a poor investment.


That’s a lot of stolen car stereos.


His dealer is mugging him off…