You seem to know a lot about spurs jerseys.

Ah ffs beaten to it by @Craigie :smile:




I watched a few minutes of one of the post Bayern interviews. So many “bloods” and “fams” it was insane.


ArsenalFanTv and chill. I love this shit!! Some of yall need to get the stick out ya asses. Shit ain’t that serious


Totally agree with the exception of what you said about Moh. He doesn’t have a theme to his rants like the others.

And I must admit, given how shitty we have been lately, I find AFTV more interesting than watching us play. Also, watching some of the meltdowns, especially people swearing that this game is the last straw, that they have had enough and that they don’t think they can continue watching us play like this, only for them to return the next game and say the exact same things, resonates with me cause I feel the same way but can’t help it.


Ty and Chris got it both barrels. :gunnersaurus:







Good lord that guy is a stupid cunt




Bet theyve all got tickets for Sutton aswell…


Right above you @Burgundy haha. Too funny.


I don’t know if this makes me bitter but I really hope ‘Stormzy’, DT and others missed out on the ballot so that the internet can have a day off from their idiocy polluting the internet.


Theyll do a AT HOME WITH BUCKTOOTH show…


Not watched much of this to be honest but that DT was a bit upset lol


So what is the deal with Troopz? What nationality is he or where is this slang coming from?


Probably from Croydon…


Pretty sure the only aftv video I’m ever going to post: Gary Neville talking to them


DT, Troopz, Claude are all Wenger out, you won’t bring in someone who has the same stance to talk to them.
So, Neville must be trying to convince them why Wenger has to stay.

No idea why Neville has to lower himself to this level.


Is this Nevilles audition for Wengers job?