We could call him the punista


He’d also host with a paper bag over his head and voice modification software for fear that people might find out he uses the internet. :smile:


a) Don’t worry, it’s gonna be a while until we’re decent enough for me to want to come over to watch us
b) Pero si tú no tienes cojones hija…


G. Neville is on then.


C’mon Gary, destroy them!


Bit of a coup if you ask me…


Mucking around in the MNF studio. :neutral_face:


Is it gonna be on sky?


Robbie laughing all the way to the bank.

Quite masterful.

Whatever happens Robbie already won


I’ve never felt more embarrassed to have two people acting as representatives of the Arsenal fanbase. :laughing:


Jesus, if they even let Troopz talk for 10 seconds, they’ll be enough ‘fam’ and 'blud’s in one sentence to totally embarrass the whole fanbase on live TV :facepalm:


It’ll be on AFTV, will be released on Friday.



Claude will say we are not good enough, the manager is not good enough
Ty will say the away goal is a positive and he will behind Wenger 500%
DT will say he told you so, Wenger has to go
Lee will question the formation and lineup
Moh will blame the fans not supporting the team enough
Troopz will use profanity in whatever he say…

Probably I won’t watch AFTV this time…


Don’t forget the constant ‘ham roll’ line


Gary Neville going defence of Wenger by bunch of no marks just got near impossible.



C’mon so obviously Photoshopped lol. Look at the Tottenham badge. Plus the sponsor is too high up and the sash doesn’t continue. It looks nothing like a football top either


You’ve convinced me that this is a photoshop.


Knows a lot about Tottenham kits this fellah :thinking: