Or change 10 managers and win 4 (soon to be 5 titles, a Champions League and Europa League, multiple FA and League Cups) like Chelsea.


The way some people talk about Arsenal post-Wenger is like he is the only thing we’ve got going for us.

Relegation is imminent, I guess.


Because Liverpool are the only club that demonstrate the potential results of changing managers right?


If you’re capable to spend their money and attract the best players in the World, yes, you can win.


Hah laughable. When Arsene is looked back on having the most FA Cup wins as a manager, unbeaten 49 matches, and the titles he’s won, nobody is gonna give a fuck about anything else.


No surprise you’ll have your rose-tinted glasses on.

The reality, however, is very different.


The only which looks to have a blind mind about the judgments of the manager are you.


Sure because I acknowledge the failings along with the earlier success.

Reality is the latter half of Wengers time at the club has been farcical, keep banging on about AFTV as the source of the the issues at the club though.


Mate, or you are stupid, or you refuse to understand my point of view.


No oh I understand it, however, I simply disagree with it because quite frankly it’s ridiculous.

You ignore Wengers culpabiltiy and are placing it on the shoulders of a guy with a fucking YouTube channel.


Trust me, you don’t understand :grinning:

I’m not discussing if someone want Wenger in or out, I discuss the method, and their methods to explain their thoughts for me are rants, disgusting like the squit of a sewer rats.


^^ If you don’t like the shouty sweary men then you don’t have to listen to them do you. Football is, or was, a working class man’s game and these are for the most part working class men getting worked up about something partly because they’ve been on the booze all day and partly because it is actually difficult watching Wenger’s Arsenal sides get taken apart that easily.

I think most of them are complete morons too, but they’re entitled to put their opinion across and sadly for Wenger the vast majority of the club’s very mixed fanbase are now rooting for the same goal, i.e. him out the door


I genuinely wouldn’t have known of AFTVs existence if not for here (at first at least, have heard arseblog etc reference them since). Getting worked up by them just seems bizarre to me when you can just pay them no attention.


Nah his now 13 years without winning a league title ( Aside from 2007-2008 ) he hasn’t even come close in that period has severely tainted his legacy.


Please oh so superior fan to Arsenal Gunners, what is your preferred method of football dialogue?

Obviously because we speak through a forum behind computers and random profile pictures instead of on a camera with our face after attending every single Arsenal game, we must have the upmost form of football discourse in the world.


To talk as normal people and not like animals.


Meh it’ll be a footnote at best. After all Wenger is bringing Arsenal a trophy on average every 2 years basically.


It will be the opposite around unfortunately.
Average a trophy per 2 year is the footnote, 12 years (and counting) without a league title will be the main script.

Not everybody start following Arsenal before or during the invincible season. A lot of fans, including me, follow the team after that; and lot of fans do not have a chance to see Arsenal winning the league, have a taste of being the champion.
The league title, is the measuring bar.


He will also be remembered for underachieving in Europe, especially during the 2002-2004 period when we had the team to win the competition.