I’m not surprised if you don’t understand why AFTV is “a cancer” of our fanbase.


So. Is this a concession of everything I said?

What a strange way to approach the free exchange of ideas on a forum.


In your humble opinion, men like DT, Troopz, Robbie, Claude, Ty and the others are honoring the name of a fanbase and of a club with the class as one of the first principles?

I see only poor men, without any culture, with rough manners, ignorant and violent language to exprime their sensations in front of a camera.

…and for me to earn money blaming your “favourite squad” is shocking and disgusting.


I agree that they are pretty much like the live version of a forum.

To say Arsenalfantv and those WOBs are toxicating the fanbase, I’d rather buy the idea of our lousy performance and results are hurting the club more.


I don’t really understand how those descriptors apply - “poor men, without any culture, with rough manners, ignorant and violent language”.

The only thing I could possibly critique is their reliance on cursing, but besides that I honestly don’t understand how they meet any of those characteristics lol. And to be honest, I can’t even condemn them for cursing; they’re old men who channel their passion for the team through irate rants. And to my knowledge, most have been staunch supporters to the club for a long time who bleed Arsenal. I mean, have you never viciously cursed in response to hearing Walcott, Cazorla, Wilshere, or even DIABY out perpetually for 4-6 weeks?

Sure, sometimes their opinions are based on overtly exaggerated warrants and hypocritical points, but it’s strange that many hold them to some irrational double standard from ourselves or even pundits. There are pundits out there who are paid millions for much more garbage analysis on Arsenal Mon-Fri.


When a large portion of non Arsenal fans are watching them week in week out for the memes you know that they’re no longer providing that actual insight into the opinions of the fan base anymore but that they’re a cheap way of entertainment in providing drama and meltdowns. That’s hardly a fair reflection of how the team does and it’s hardly helping the fan base as a whole to seem like more than a bunch of drama queens losing their shit for some youtube fame.


So, the core of this argument relies on the idea that other teams’ fans ridicule us for our ‘memes’.

Hypothetically, if Arsenal were in Chelsea’s position in the table, cruising to the EPL trophy, and the fans’ of other teams were in no position to scorn at us nor the videos on AFTV, would you say that it’s acceptable for AFTV to continue their platform with jubilant and affirming videos that are less embarrassing?

If the answer to that is yes - it seems that the problem with AFTV is not AFTV, but that Arsenal’s despicable team performance in recent years has been of easy mockery for other teams, and AFTV has been an outlet to voice that mockery.


When the interest for AFTV outside of actual Arsenal fans is so big there is definitely an argument to make that the actors providing the content are making a clown of themselves, so yea, that’s right.

Hypothetically if Arsenal were in Chelsea’s position the interest for AFTV wouldn’t be that big and it wouldn’t provide the same 5 people the same platform they’re been given. I have honestly no problem with AFTV providing a platform for Arsenal fans to be heard, but I have a problem with AFTV providing a platform to the same 5 people week in week out, who are for the most part not the best examples to represent the fan base as a whole.

It is both and it doesn’t really help that some of them aren’t really arguing for the sake of Arsenal anymore but for the consistency of their role and argument.


I do agree that AFTV’s platform is substantially boosted by viewers from other teams, but like I said earlier, this problem should be addressed with our current team performance. I don’t understand why ArsenalFanTV should be held accountable for gaining membership because our team is piss poor, from a business perspective.

I also agree that some of the regulars must be pushing their own personal platforms at this point. But, it’s hard to say that Robbie does not do a decent job to consolidate a wide variety of perspectives in to one channel.

From Ty, Chris, Kelechi, Moh, Claude, Troopz, DT, you have a pretty wide-ranging group of ideologies, just like our overall fanbase, as well as a share of random fans after every game ranging from AKBs, to WOBs, to those on the fence, optimists, pessimists, etc.

I think, however, that AFTV’s recent toxicity is no different from the toxicity of the overall Arsenal fanbase, just more visible for the world to see. If the team were putting in results, the channel would be representative of a dynamic shift in more Wenger supporters and backing for the team, just like our forum and overall fanbase would. I just think it’s arbitrary to believe that because Arsenal have been extremely disappointing that AFTV should be obliged to shut off the camera so that we can suffer our qualms without ability to voice them.


Been critical about AFTV generally but fair play to Robbie here.


Arsenal fan tv is exactly as retarded as this forum at times. Bewildering some people don’t see that :smile:

But yeah, it’s the fans that support Wenger that we cant wait to see the back of? :wink: give me strength.


It just seems a worn out theme, aftv that is, which I think is anticipated more by opposition fans after an Arsenal blunder. I find it astonishing that other fans think these chaps are a representation of what every Arsenal fan is. A spurs guy at work showed me a video of that plonker Heavy D and asked if I agreed with his thoughts :gunnersaurus:

It was cool to watch at the beginning because you had the eccentrics of both sides of the fence, venting frustrations and elation after games, which was a fresh idea. Now, it’s parodying itself and simply a means to earn money for saps like DT. No thanks.


People need to get over this. @SenorArsenal is right when he points out its no different to our forum.
Its now part of the game and the road weve chosen to go down.
Talksport and Radio5live phone ins set up and hand pick callers on the same subjects.
Not saying I approve of all of it but its a by product of the circus and soap opera of premiership football.
The whole of social media is made up of people re inventing themselves as something their not. Times we live in im afraid.


Stop moaning you are on a damn forum having the same say as most on fucking AFTV lol. Everyone is trying to push blame on AFTV instead of whats happening on the field, the AKB’s and press need something to blame throw the shit on AFTV. Arsenal lose 6-0 it’s AFTV fault. Wenger gets send to the stands it’s AFTV fault lol. It’s getting silly that a fan can’t have their say cause for you it doesn’t “represent” Arsenal fans, most of those guys go week in week out. So they have every right to a say as you and me. If you are talking about parody I’ve seen a lot of it on here too.

I’d personally wouldn’t have that twat Heavy D on it, he’s just there to promote himself. Ty doesn’t offer much and I’m starting to fear for him cause even rival fans are starting to take the piss out of him. I think D.T does play up to the camera but he speaks a lot more sense then most. But I’ve seen some great discussion Chris Hudson Claude and Lee Judges.

I understand most aren’t fans, just don’t bloody watch it then. But AKB’s and the Press plus the overpaid Pundits need to stop scapegoating AFTV as it’s the reason Wenger and co blow it every season.


I haven’t noticed anyone actually attempt to blame AFTV for our fortunes on the pitch, that would be ridiculous lol


Yeah. It’s clearly @Mysty at fault for our bad fortune.

Come on guys let’s gang up on him.


Every club seems to have one and none are pretty…


Oh I don’t watch it. I wouldn’t want to give them the views on youtube that in turn makes them money for opinions I can easily view on OA or elsewhere.

“Stop moaning, you’re on a forum” :mustafi:


Very good point.


This isn’t the focus mate. The focus is: are Arsenal Fake Fans TV the garbage of our fanbase and make Arsenal fans ridiculous? For me, yes.

Gazidis talked sometimes with the fucking Robbie. I wish him, and them, to be banned from Emirates and the places around the stadium as soon as possible. Will be a good day for me when this will happen.