Arsenal Vs Watford (PL)


We’ve scored a lot of late goals this season to win games or rescue points (which you can be either glass half full or empty about), but it looks like we’re being deservedly punished on this occasion for that first 45 display and only getting into the match in the 2nd half.

We can’t keep getting away with it and this time we’ve been bitten, oh well.


Deserved. Pussies.


Well done on handing over the title to the Chavs in 13 minutes.


Stroll in the park…


@Phoebica, you jinxed it today.


No, we are just shit.


Oh come on. Everyone thought we’d smash that game!


It’s irritating how the newspapers are claiming we’ve blown (another) title challenge and the spin that is given too Arsenal’s season. We were never in it…



Remember that pic where Bould is an upgrade on Guardiola?

How do we delete that from all of the internet?

Edit: @Castiel you fucker.




Wenger the motivator getting Arsenal raring to go for another sensational first half once again.

Just fuck everything. I’m so pissed off.


Fully deserved to lose this.

Title gone. Same old stuff.


Title was never on, tbf.


@Calum’s stat sumes it all up. We’ve lost to a team, that had never previously taken any points from us at Highbury/Emirates and been fairly garbage recently too. What a shambles. Saturday will probably see Chelsea finish our League season off well and truly :facepalm:


With Mustafi, Oxlade Chamberlain and Ramsey all missing at the Bridge, very likely.

Oh yeah Mustafi’s lovely unbeaten record? Gone too. To Watford at home. Great night.


Play like this against Sutton and we are going out.


Barely any positives from that game either. Aside from a few half decent moments, we were fecking awful. Apparently we “run out of steam”, but it didn’t look like we had any steam to begin with!

I’m done, switching my allegiance to Sutton United.


He made the sub calls? Shifting iwobi to centre killed his game tonight… Second half he was mullering them down the left… But it was a lazy line up from the start…expecting to just turn up and win… Fucking MELTS. a bad week gets worse…


I don’t understand how a team can go from a 5-0 win away to Southampton to a 1-2 home defeat to Watford. Oh well! It’s Arsenal we are talking about.


If they were playing us at ours theyd beat us…