Arsenal Vs Watford (PL)



Really hoping Wenger does not start with Giroud at Chelsea.


MDC opened :hipster:


Yeah I gotta admit, it is a bit


It makes sense to play him at home today against a Watford side which will probably come out to park the bus, even if I really hate seeing Alexis play on the left when Giroud is in the middle…so many times it just ends up with him facing up the defender, stopping with no space to move into or combine in, and playing a hopeless little curled ball into the area…repetitive. Would prefer Alexis on ther right tbh when Giroud plays, with Iwobi on the left, because Alexis on the left doesn’t really end up switching wings or having fluid movement with Özil and Iwobi, ends up pretty static. Can’t really decide if Giroud’s goal-scoring ability off scrappy plays/headers/set-pieces outweighs going with an Iwobi, Alexis, Lucas front 3, but can understand starting him.

Anyways, think the plan will surely be Welbeck/Iwobi-Alexis-Walcott against Chelsea, Walcott is regaining fitness. Would be depressing indeed if he decided that Welbeck wasn’t ready and that Giroud was preferable to Iwobi.




OMG, who added that!? :joy:


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OMG, who added that!?
[/quote]I suggested it to @Bl1nk several week ago. He finally got round to making it today. I figured it make a good smiley, so you’re welcome :wink:


Ramsey you aint the Ox :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Playing like mugs


Lol!!! Fuck this team!


Have we got a fucking midfield?


Fucking bunch of wankers.




No pressure come the Ox…


Coquelin doing his fake roaring again. Just stop it. It’s so forced and embarrassing to watch


This is just so so fucking sad.

I really hope, people who are still defending the current state of this club, do so with the sole purpose of trolling us.


Can see gabriel getting sent off

Refs giving us fuck all


Bet Wenger has reverted back to his good old tried n tested rubbish

Any score yet lads?


Worst first half of the season. Truly pathetic.