Arsenal Vs Tottenham (PL)


Nervous for this

Hate everything about these games. Just win at any cost ffs

Being at these games is the best feeling when we win. Dont think i have ever been to a PL NLD and seen us lose


Last time we lost at home to this lot was 2010/11 right?

I’m absolutely pumped for this yet my orignal optimism is being hit with a dose of reality already. Kane is bound to score isn’t he…


Draw written all over it


That net transfer spend is incorrect and in truth it really shows how poorly we’ve shifted players on other than anything else. For all the supposed achievements they’ve finished above us once in 22 years and won nothing. This is the one season where they have a role reversal with them in the CL and us in EL. They have a win over Real Madrid but we’ve beaten Barce, PSG, Dortmund and Bayern in recent years, if you don’t win it, it doesn’t count for that much.

Many of their supposed advantages such as low wages will come to bite them when players want out because well they’re on low wages.

It will be interesting to see if they can maintain their high intensity pressing through a CL and PL campaign.


Wow I’m excited for this, can’t sleep, nobody comes to the Emirates and bullies us excluding Bayern, really confident they’ll implode in Spursy fashion… 2-0



Would really be nice if we could remind them who’s boss in North London.

I’m getting sick of people acting like they are 2011 Barcelona when they have finished above us once and we’ve still been winning trophies. It’s utterly laughable that the media pile on with this “shift in power” bullshit. It’s going to take a lot for that to happen.

Hopefully Wenger gets them up for it and we beat these cunts.


Who’s taking those roles today? My bet is on Theo Walcott pinning Kolasinac to the wall by his throat.


Not confident at all. I got a sneaky feeling Wenger is gonna fuck up with our line-up again. For example, Lacazette not starting :xhaka:


Or Xhaka waving his testicles about in front of everyone in the locker room?


Pochettino’s away record against the top 5 is shocking though.


I always try to play down this game in recent years and not get nervous. But when the day comes I just want us to rip their fucking heads off.


I just want to see our boys give a fuck and refuse to lose. Being 7 points behind them will be problematic.


Haven’t been able to focus on anything else this morning. Can’t be derby day for the pre-match excitement and nerves.

Just want a bit of excitement and fight from our players today, I’m not expecting a great deal of quality.


Going for a 3-2 Arsenal win today


3-1 arsenal



Our best line-up.


Yes Lacazette is starting! I would have started World War III if Wenger left him on the bench!


That is our best line up.