Arsenal Vs Tottenham (PL)



At 28, Theo Walcott is the oldest promising teenager in the world. At 25, Jack Wilshere is a riddle wrapped in a mystery shrouded by the smoke of a cheeky cigarette.


Terrible, terrible feelings about this… would be a big win but they are a better team, better squad, better manager at this moment and we just have to hope we get lucky, they have an off day, and/or our stars produce magic.


That’s just brutal :joy:


Meanwhile Theo and Jack have actually won shit and Tottenham are still irrelevant but slightly higher in the table.


The article recognises that but if you (anyone, j mean not just you personally) can’t see the truths that article clearly articulates then you’re just blind.


Meh cycles. It always happens they’ll have their little 3 year spell or so where they punch way above their weight class. They’ll still be trophyless when it all comes crashing down and we’ll hardly remember when spurs were arguably slightly better than us, arguably they still really aren’t.

Reminds me a lot of the Lakers Clippers rivalry in LA. The Lakers own the city and have won 10 titles here, the clippers have never been past the 2nd round of the playoffs. They got good for a few seasons, beat the Lakers pretty bad head to head quite a bit. They never reached the pinnacle because they were just a lot better than they’d been in the past and Lakers were in a lull. Same can be said of our situation right now. Order will be restored soon enough.


Depends how quickly they lose Poch and how long we are stuck with Wenger, until that happens we won’t finish above them in the league.


Just like the clippers the team will get blown up eventually cause they are slightly better than an arsenal side who’s at it’s worst in 20+ years and they aren’t really close to the teams who are gonna win the league City, Chelsea, United. They will not win a single thing and the players and manager will jump ship, maybe this year or the next but it won’t be long.


Yeah hopefully it happens soon as regardless of if they win stuff or not it’s not enjoyable seeing them collect 80 + points in the league.
In regards to the clippers aren’t they already blown up to a certain degree with CP3 fleeing for Texas ?


Slightly higher is true, but it only has to be one place higher for them to be playing CL football and for us to be playing in a European Cup competition we used to joke about them being in.


I really wanted to attack an agenda riddled piece but everything they say is actually fair :frowning:

their net transfer spend since Pochettino arrived is £12m. Arsenal, in the same period, have a net spend of £199m

We used to laud Wenger for finishing 2nd / 3rd in this kind of arrangement. Who else could do what Wenger does on the budgets he has? Daniel fucking Levy’s club, :expressionless:.


That’s a funny and positive way to remember how OA actually didn’t laud him for it at all but rather ignored that very argument for years at an end simply saying the reason we didn’t finish higher was that he was bad and that’s it.


Nah we’ll finish above them probably.


Well when I say “we” I mean all fans and not just the ones on this website, and circa 07-12 the cult of budget Wenger was massively strong in the fanbase. I only joined OA in Jan 2012 but I’m pretty sure that most of us were very pro-Wenger at that time. Even when we signed Ozil in 2013 I remember a lot saying that was a work of Wenger magic with his wonderful reputation in Europe, and when we signed Sanchez it was Wenger finally unshackled, Wenger on the beach in Rio like a boss.


Us and Liverpool are finishing 5th/6th flip a coin who is higher, Spurs, United and Chelsea will be 2nd-4th after City.


Nah we’re above spurs this season you’ll see. Avatar bet if ur down. And I’ll take ur avatar again :grin:


That is certainly my prediction at this point… Spurs, Utd, Chelsea, and City all look far more solid and consistent than us… Pool are a mess but they are getting Mane back and he makes big diff.


I got a bad feeling about this.


What was the bet you beat me on a couple of years ago ? Us beating the Greeks by 2+ goals in Athens to qualify from group stage of the CL wasn’t it ?


Yeah, that we’d make it out of the group.