Arsenal Vs Tottenham (PL)


Watching MOTD and Phil Neville says there’s no debate about whether that’s a foul on Alexis by Davinson. Fuck that. For me it is. He blocks him with his arms. Much rather that’s called a foul, even if it’s soft, than the other way around, let play like that go and go with the typical over-permissive style of officiating from English officials that incentivises bad play. Football is about skill and quality and Alexis has a nice first touch and wins position but can’t get to it because of Davinson’s arms, that’s a foul.


I’m sad to see this weekend end. It’s been a pretty good one.

  • we beat Spurs
  • we won Twitter
  • we made a grown man cry over a gif

If Carlsberg did weekends…


Amen brother - it was a clear attempt to impede the player using arms and while not grabbing per se, it made a difference and this is the kind of stance football should be taking - we WANT our wonderful, talented, creative brilliance to shine, not be blighted by the troglodyte “English” mentality of “let them play” and tough tackling, etc.


Next one against Burnley is not gonna be so easy. You just know it :xhaka:


Today’s Arsecast extra gonna be :fire::fire: Can’t wait to listen to it tonight!


Chat shit, get banged, that’s all there is to it. Maybe they should delete their twitter accounts.


He slightly touches his hip and whether it impedes him or not is very debatable. He tackles very cleanly and fairly. It is very very soft in any league. Football is considered a contact sport.

Then again we get many more fouls not called than are called.


The thing is whether it is a foul or not. We get them given against us all the time and that’s teams like Stoke and West Brom who are supposed to be physical. We block off or use our arms and the player goes to ground and they get a free kick. I’m glad the referee gave us one for a change.

These pundits never and I mean never, bat an eye lid when Stoke get a free kick and score from it when it was a dubious free kick / foul.

It’s actually sweeter that both our goals were marginally offside and the first came from a free kick that was dubiously awarded.


That’s not a fair argument.
Just because other decisions are unfair, doesn’t mean this one is fair.

The foul was really non existent and extremely soft one to give.

However no one would have given it so much importance if Spurs defended the set piece better than they did or Mustafi came up with an inferior header.


I don’t give a shit because that foul that Ozil supposedly committed on Vertonghen was never a foul and would have led to an open goal for Lacazette, so things evened out.


Fuck the fact that it wasnt a free kick leading to the first goal. We’ve been on the end of some shocking decisions the past few weeks and this makes up for it, a bit

I thought we were superb all game, not that youd think that if you was watching MOTD! Awful highlight package they put together. You would of thought it was all them and we grabbed 2 lucky goals

Ozil tracking back and tackling, Kos looking back to his under rated self, Mustafi looking the part playing in the centre of the back 3 and everyone else working hard for the whole team. I just hope we see more of that now and we dont slip back in to the old ways

Not a better feeling than beating that lot and seeing the away end empty out before the final whistle!

Made my weekend :smile:


It isn’t called that much in today’s EPL, but it should be. The fact is, when you use your ARMS or HANDS to deliberately impede the player, it is not just “incidental” contact or the kind of normal contact that happens in a sport like football. You don’t want to take out contact (you can’t), but you want to limit the amount of “little advantages” players try to get with tugs, pulls, arm bars, hands, etc. because it just worsens the game. If you want fast-paced and thrilling football, don’t bog it down with niggly holding and arm/hand play. Having said all that, the Sanchez on Sanchez foul was a tight one even under my interpretation.

In hockey, they had the same issue for a while - was getting to the point where it wasn’t fun to watch because people would hold, grab, impede with their arms/sticks, etc - they have cracked down somewhat and the game is more open and fun to watch.


I’m the same when it comes to them.
I could tolerate finishing outside the top four but finishing behind spurs was too much.
Not losing to them is fine, beating them is always a pleasure.


For a fair portion of the game we weren’t even that good in terms of possession control or even just our general build up play. It was really tough to string passes together and I actually thought Spurs were playing the more controlled game at first - moving the ball better etc. But we adapted well to the typical derby game conditions. Defending was solid all round. Our pressing was terrific and gave us the edge for creating the better chances. We looked like we wanted it more on every blade of grass out there and we continuously closed down all the passing lanes. Pretty much squeezed the life out of Spurs. I thought Ramsey did a lot of his good work off the ball which made up for the few times he was caught on it. Özil, Alexis and Lacazette were all on job so it was a matter of time before we would get it together once we had that foundation to be on top of proceedings. It seems we suit these high tempo games.



Arsenal should go out of their way to milk this one. Give out free tea at our next home game or serve tea in Mesut Özil mugs. And the team better come up with a drinking-tea-inspired goal celebration!


Still talking about this shit? Just ban the Racist Mail from our training ground. That’s it.


Spurs fans on fan denial!! Fucking yes :joy::joy:


I guarantee you, if the club in question wasn’t Arsenal you’d hear no complaints. People are looking for any excuse to have a go at us, and when we prove them wrong and respond they start crying and can’t handle some internet trolls? Fuck off haha


I hope this is a lesson in the pack mentality of the stupid snivelling little shits we have in the UK press media.

Literally never brave enough to have any kind of dissenting opinion, all descend on the intended targets whenever it’s time.

From Arsenal, Sterling, to Corbyn to Snowden or whoever. Whether its the concern trolling from more ‘prestigious’ publications or the straight up trolling from the likes of the Sun/Mail.