Arsenal Vs Tottenham (PL)


Looool what little bitches at those papers.

If you’re worried about anti-Semitism, homophobia, don’t work for the Mail. Or chat shit.


Yeah, just like asking Dracula to be in charge of blood donation.


Do you not remember Panenka incident?



Yeah, the media really dislike us.


I feel absolutely so sorry for them good folks over at the daily mail. How mean of us to jokingly respond to a shit piece of writing :pensive:


There was an England game a while ago when Campbell, and I think it was Parlour, were playing and the Mail gave them a four and a three, and every other England player got a six or above and they were no worse than any of the other players.

I know it sounds like bit of a conspiracy but there does seem to be an agenda by certain journalists, and pundits as well, against us, and especially Wenger.

MOTD have had a few, like Lawrenson, Hansen, Savage and sometimes Shearer but the Mail sometimes don’t even bother hiding their contempt for us.


Fucking hell :joy::joy::joy: Daily Fail embarrassing themselves. Who knew such a harmless gif would boil so much piss :joy::joy:


“We can joke about you and insult you, but when you respond we’ll throw our toys out of the pram”

Arsenal should just do a Fergie and ban the Daily Mail from press conferences.


Who knew the biggest snowflakes would turn out to be Daily Mail journalists :joy:



That said why do we have so many sad fucks on internet sending abuse & threats.


Daily Fail can just fuck off! Case closed.


The sad thing is you know the club will issue a formal apology.


I hope we don’t apologise. It’ll all blow over. Just a storm in a teacup…


i see what you did there :ozil:


Regarding power shift, I haven’t done the math myself and am too lazy atm (I will do an analysis later), but according to a couple of sources as of late Sept, in the last 100 games, Arsenal and Spurs had the same number of points… I think if you look at the previous 100 games, we would be well over them… and then again, even more dramatically over them I reckon.

I wouldn’t say they have “overtaken” us in much the same way that we never “overtook” ManU during the glory years, but it is certainly reasonable to say they are punching above their weight wrt us and worryingly consistently. 100 games is a huge sample size and it says a lot that Poch has navigated them to the same points total as the Invincible manager.

I would add further that with the crazy downturn of Chelsea and ManU and only recent consistency of City, we actually compare pretty favorably over that 100 game span - to anyone. Its too bad we can’t trade a few points here for a few points there and take more trophies :gunnersaurus:


John Cross gets it! Scenes


He’s annoying 90% of the time but this made me chuckle


Added points for the Big Shaq reference