Arsenal Vs Tottenham (PL)


lol what a fucking pussy.

Don’t chat shit on Twitter if you can’t handle the backlash. It’s Twitter, everyone knows it’s a fucking cesspit. Get off it if you can’t handle it.


Captain obvious to the rescue! I am fucking up with the media downplaying our wins.


Well exactly. He wrote an article purely to annoy Arsenal fans. Yet when he gets “too many” Arsenal fans’ attention he doesn’t like it.

You can’t have it both ways. The Daily Mail Online is basically built upon click bait articles - the powers that be will probably be pretty happy about this turn of events.


Well that was a very predictable discussion on Sunday Supplement.


I’m sure I read ages ago that Arsenal had at least as many Jewish supporters as spurs did.
So I don’t know what he is on about.


Good article. #NorthLondonIsRed


We always have a perfect home game v a big team, United 2 seasons ago, Chelsea last season now Spurs. Was brilliant. What power shift?! I would love it if we done the double on them at Wembley


Liverpool 3 seasons ago, so yeah what you say is true about us having 1 top quality game vs a quality team at home per season.


We beat Chelsea and Manchester United at the Emirates last season :wink:


The papers are probably seething and frothing at the mouth that we did the scum. They probably had articles at the ready slating us about the power shift in North London and how insignificant we are to the almighty Spurs. Sorry that didn’t plan out.

Forever in our shadow.



Tbh Liverpool were dead a few seasons ago when we thrashed them, but we’ve had 3 perfect games v big rivals, City is next :grinning:


Yeah the United game was a pretty drab match from memory, we did get a desired result but I wouldn’t go as far to say we destroyed them.



Salty as fuck, love it all.


Fair. I thought you meant we only beat one big 6 team at home a season!


Destroyed Chelsea though, that 1st half performance v them was perfect, felt like we never lost the ball and Ozil and Alexis destroyed them, take me back


Oh no, they posted a gif of Özil drinking a cup of tea… send them to the block!

I’m looking forward to the Daily Mail’s Arsenal player ratings next week :arteta:


And to think our home form was shit some years ago, while we were great away.



:confused: ???


Almost poetic