Arsenal Vs Tottenham (PL)


Obviously city is another level to spurs; however the same tactics were used. Against city we were playing on the counter with excellent counters


And what about Alli? So happy the fucktard has been shit. Hate him so much.


1000% this. Ppl would have been posting the “where has this Arsenal been” posts like two weeks ago had we not been fucked no lube by incompetent officiating. City hardly had a sniff at goal. KDB had a worldie other than that nothing we dominated that match.


We didn’t dominate the match, but we did play with the same intensity on the press against City and the tactics were decent even though it didn’t come off. There is also good reason to play Welbz in a high press.


Relatively even match - we edged the play I reckon and maybe got away with an offside goal and cheap foul - what goes around comes around…

Bottom line to me - our top stars were head and shoulders above theirs today and our defense, while having shaky moments, was really good and solid. Ozil, Sanchez, Laca were excellent - Kane, Alli, and Eriksen were not… we had a lot to do with it, but it was the worst I have seen the dynamic Spurs trio in a long time.




ManUtd too, they’ve won all their 5 so far.


What an absolutely fucking delightful result


I absolutely didn’t expect this.


Mustafi should be knighted for coming back from injury and performing like that against the Scum. Fucking brilliant.



I believe we can bury this “Mike Dean is a spuds supporter” bs now too :wink:


Makes deliberately bias, controversial points for one of englands largest newspapers online…

Complains when too many people see it.


What the fuck is Henry Winter talking about?




This tweet feels like it was written by @JakeyBoy :sweat_smile:


No big success for Arsenal Fan Tv yesterday? :mustafi:


Henry Winter is still spouting nonsense I see.


Haha it does a bit. Unfortunately I can’t claim credit for that. My guess would be @Leper :smile:

Edit: or @TA-6 quite possibly lol


Not condoning that abuse he received, obviously that is unacceptable. But his reply is somewhat childish. Rather than scolding those who abused him, he has a go at Arsenal for tweeting something to 12m followers. “Aww mummy, their gang is bigger than mine.” Are you only allowed to comment on someone’s account if they have more followers than you then? That should keep the Kardashians quiet for a while at least.