Arsenal vs Manchester United (PL)


I honestly think Ajax have more than enough in them to beat Man Utd. The fotball stars are aligning for a European resurgence for Ajax.


Holdini starting yes!


YES! Holding and Welbeck start!


Tuanzebe, lol. He’s the one getting the winner today!


That team is actually perfect. 2-0


We’ll somehow manage to draw against them, even if their team isn’t anything special. Mata to score from a free-kick and Rooney to get one. 2-2 in a very dire match.


I’m still hopeful about this game actually. Our team is better than theirs on paper. If our players just picture Mourinho as Princess Fiona from Shrek or something, we can banish the José blues and get the three points :sunglasses:


Interesting result with the draw for Pool-Soton… now ManU has top 4 in their own hands - does it change their approach late if the game is still tied? TBF their lineup is pretty much FT other than maybe Pogba, Rashford, maybe Blind?


Bring Serge home. :heart_eyes:


Hardly the United reserve team some were alluding to.

Being United and being Mourinho, they’ll turn up and probably give a fuck.


Only player i really wonder about in that lineup is Gibbs, but I’m a fan of his so hoping he does well. I’ve never been on the sell Gibbs train in fact he does add a bit more going forward than Nacho.


Everyone knows Mourinho plays mind games. He was never going to field a reserve team. He just wanted to plant the idea so that when/if United don’t get top 4 he can be like “well we weren’t really trying towards the end of the season”. Kinda like “I dumped her, she didn’t dump me.”


Might as well. Mental odds boost as well haha


Thats some good odds! Only 41/1 on bet365. Might have to create an account for betfair


No MDC? Everyone at the game?


My palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy
There’s vomit on my sweater already, mom’s spaghetti


I’m not.
@Persona @PPB This is sad. :neutral_face:


They left us behind. Let’s riot.


What is?


Yeah, if Luca were here he’d make a perfect nationality joke about that. :giroud: