Arsenal vs Lincoln City (FA Cup Quarter Final)


When Giroud goes into his traditional drought “He’s not getting the service he needs”.


Just noticed Gabriel is in the squad and Holding isn’t


“Wexit” :joy:

“It’s never your fault, Arsene Wenger, it’s never your fault”


MDC open




did i hear the commentator say a fourth sub will be allowed?

does this mean the FA Cup is no longer a real trophy?


I think we are just shit :hipster:


im actually really interested in seeing what the fans in stadium would do if we lose.


Get Giroud off. Bring Lucas on. Move Sanchez up top. Plays Lucas out wide.


What are we… jesus


We are shit :hipster:


Match is on in the pub I’m in.

Nice finish from Walcott.

We playing shite again then?


2-0! Give him a new contract! :coq: :hipster:


Until we get City in the next round and get trounced then it will be ‘get out of our fucking club’…nah in reality do want a new manager even if he wins the fa cup again


Yeah, just taking the piss :wink:


Job done in the end. Ramsey’s last 2 games have been quite good.


Wembleeey :sunglasses:

Onto an NLD semi final!


if we got to the final i would love it for the final…but knowing our luck the spuds will win it then they would gloat and gloat and gloat


That would kill me.

Although losing to Man Utd or Chelsea in the final would be awful too. Would much prefer a loss to Man City.


It’s a shame we don’t play Lincoln every week Luca. Lol.