Arsenal Vs FC Köln (Europa League)


We need something to cling on to. LET US BE!


Imagine invading just to see an XI like that. :neutral_face:

Except Jack of course. If he starts I’ll be so happy. :blush:


Yep, just you :campbell:


4-1-2-3? Interesting line-up, if true.


Two words: fuck off! Your love for Wilshere is disgusting :mustafi:


If we score early I can see us winning by three or four but if they come to defend it might only be by one.

A lot of the players will be playing for their reputations, like Walcott, Wilshere, Chambers and Elneny, so they should be up for it.

I’ll go for 3-0 and Walcott, Giroud and Wilshere to score.


I have a sinking feeling we’re going to see a performance like Liverpool. I hope I’m wrong.


I think you will be, Cologne and their fans will be hyped but 3 games out of 3 lost in the Bundesliga with just 1 injury time goal scored tells you enough


That is about the same record as Bournemouth.


Only 24 hours to go. So excited!


I wish it was Thursday already. Having a hard time watching all this muck in the CL. Let Europe Proper begin already.



It is Thursday in New Zealand.


Imagine being lucky enough to be in New Zealand :weary: We’re stuck in England!


It’s our turn guys!


We’ve had the support act, nearly time for the main show :kos2:




Man, it had to happen sooner or later. Relax.


Huh. Amstel still sponsor European competition. Who knew.


Wouldn’t really say it’s an obession. The kid is showing remarkable talent beyond his years. We haven’t seen that since Wilshere. He isn’t an Akpom that’s for sure. Nelson will still need time though but the talent is obvious imo.


And what else do we have to look forward to this year?