Arsenal Vs FC Köln (Europa League)


Wenger flirting with our best chance of CL qualification :eyes:


Would be stupid to go all out tomorrow night with Chelsea on Sunday. Yeah if we were playing Palace or Bournemouth sure, but not against Chelsea.

Also we may as well give players like Giroud Walcott Wilshere etc. minutes too and try and keep them in some semblance of match fitness.


Welbeck to start at Chelsea :facepalm:


Akpom is a waste of time FFS

This season we’ll have guys like Akpom, Debuchy and maybe even Wilshere doing nothing but take minutes away from younger prospects not only with the first team but with the u23’s.


“The goat” @Persona :santi2:


That’s our top scorer your talking about


TalkShite are opining that Wilshere and Sanchez start tomorrow but no starting place for Walcott :+1: Come on Reiss Nelson


Thought as much and makes sense for the rotation. Imagine Özil or Lacazette getting injured in this game, Arsene would get slaughtered.


I thought about about that too - considering the level of competition EL is our best chance of making CL next season


The bookies think different, the odds for us to get top 4 are a lot worse than the odds of us winning europa




These odds are completely independent from each other and show the bookie’s measure of chance related to the other teams in the same competition. If you want to understand what chances the bookies give Arsenal to win CL football through either competition, that’s a completely different question and chances will not be represented by these odds that you quote.


I’m quite looking forward to the EL. We get to see youth/reserves who don’t normally get action, it should be interesting. It could really help the youth players develop too.


The decision to keep Akpom around makes zero fucking sense.


he is super super qwualiteee which shows mental strength and strong desire to do well :giroud:


3 goals in his first 67 senior games hardly bodes for impressive reading does it?


Robbie’s team


When you’re a Wenger boy you get 10 years past the date you’re supposed to be moved on off GP.


Just me who thinks Nelson obsession in this forum (or among Arsenal fans) is bit much?


He looks to be the most exciting of the youth prospects at least at the moment.

With the never ending shower of shit why can’t people be optimistic at something?