Arsenal Vs FC Köln (Europa League)


“20.000”? Lol! Not even turkish fans were supposed to be so numerous :xhaka:


Facebook ‘on this day’ tells me I was up the Eiffel Tower a year ago, ahead of our opener against PSG.

PSG vs Arsenal, Arsenal vs Cologne, not so much of a difference if you consider it :eyes:


“An Invasion”… Those German fuckers just NEVER GIVE UP.


Lol never learn from the past something something



I have voted for the win in this one, but given our record at home to German opposition it wouldn’t surprise me if we lose/draw.


Cocky. Typical germans :hipster:




Gotta love any team whose crest is mostly represented by an animal. Other than Tottenham obvs before that gets picked up on


Chelsea lion, millwall lion


Liverpool with the liver bird.

@Robin_L you might need rethink this theory :grin:


They have an actual goat called Hennes VIII as their mascot. That’s awesome, deal with it. We have someone running around in a dinosaur costume :roll_eyes:


Are you talking about the manager or the mascot? I couldn’t tell.


That’s no costume the manager is wearing.
He really is a dinosaur. :grin:


It is pretty cool to fair. They can actually say that their mascot is the GOAT :goat:


Unfortunately his girlfriend Anneliesa passed away earlier this year though :disappointed_relieved:



Don’t Lazio have an eagle as their mascot that they bring to games?


Yep, not sure if Palace or them started doing that first


You must defeat them.!


Greetings from Leverkusen😉


No surprises really