Arsenal Vs FC Köln (Europa League)


Do you want to finally win a fucking european trophy?


Ospina, Chambers, Mustafi, Holding, Bellerin, Xhaka, Wilshere, Kolasinac, Nelson, Iwobi, Alexis.

   Holding Koscielny Monreal
Bellerin Elneny Xhaka Kolasinac
        Alexis Iwobi

So many first teamers needing minutes and we need points on the board. Save the youth players for another game.


Cologne will be tougher than Bate and definitely Red Star regardless of their start in the BuLi, so I wouldn’t rotate too much, beyond leaving out Ozil, Ramsey, Lacazette, Koscielny etc and bringing in Giroud, Iwobi, Nelson and Holding


Nobody mentioning Theo? :theo:


Be interesting how serious Wenger will take Europa League, I think he probably needs to take it seriously cause I don’t see us getting top 4 imo. I’m sure he rest a few of the first team for these group games, we should be good enough to win this group. By the time we get to the last 16, he will take it more serious.

Cologne will be tough, but I expect us to win this 2-1.


We’ll no doubt rest players for our annual beat down at the Bridge next weekend


Would be ideal if we could change up and go with a 4-3-3 in this game, but not gonna happen, so, I’ll go with @Craigie’s lineup with a couple of changes:

Holding Mertesacker Mustafi
Bellerin Elneny Xhaka Kolasinac
Alexis Iwobi


Chambers / Debuchy - Mertesacker - Holding
Nelson - Elneny - Wilshere - Nacho
Walcott - Giroud - Iwobi


It’s gonna be on at noon in vegas you’ll just be waking up most likely, I’m sure you will be able to catch it lol.


Friday morning football is the something I need to get used to, looking forward to this completion though as I’m planning a trip to Europe late in the season and wouldn’t mind going to the final in Lyon :joy:.


Few are selecting him but Walcott starting is inevitable.

I’d probably go back to 4231 for this game, Chambers at RB, Elneny & Wilshere in midfield (:grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:) and Giroud upfront.

Chambers Mertesacker Holding Kolasinac
Elneny Wilshere
Walcott Iwobi Alexis


That depends if I can be arsed to find a bar to watch it in


We need to and will rest players for Chelsea, so:

…Chambers Mertesacker Holding
Nelson…Elneny…Wilshere…Maitland Niles


I think we will rest players also, but why do they need to be rested for a game we will certainly lose ? :joy:


Don’t know about that we may we may not who knows; going by the last four competitive games we played we only lost at Stamford bridge, so possibly. Nonetheless I would still rest key players for the tie.


Arsenal win and Giroud to hit the ton mark is all I want from this game.


Wenger has to play Nelson here, as he is one of the few reasons to watch this game.


According to the Daily Fail, London faces an “invasion from 20,000 Cologne fans”, most of whom seem to have found this website over the last fortnight

Also, I didn’t know they’d done this (or if it’s happened before) but the Club actually blocked newly registered Red Members from buying tickets to this, which is probably sensible. So there will be a good few Germans in the home sections but maybe not as many as I’d expected


An invasion? Meh 20,000 people will just be a needle in a haystack in London.

But this game is mega popular. I’ve had friends of friends ask me if I can get a ticket for a friend of their friend :unamused: