Arsenal vs FC Bayern Munich (UCL 1st K/O Round 2nd Leg)


we can beat munich 4-0 :slight_smile:

2 in the first 2 in the second job done :slight_smile:


“England to win the 2018 World Cup”


To live without hope is to cease to live


We should walk it then, Leicester walked the league and they were 5000-1.


Is Charlie Charlie Charles playing tonight?




Wenger’s team talk will be.
“Keep it tight for the first half.
Then keep it tight for the beginning of the second half.
Then I’ll set my stop watch for seven minutes and make a tactical substitution, and bring on Sanchez and Ozil, who I’m resting for the big game against Lincoln.
Then try and score and then when we do, try and get another, and then another, and then another, and try not to let them score.”

“If you follow my instructions, and we win 4-0, i will reward you by signing a new contract.”


He is being rested until the Lincoln game.


MDC is different. :wink: I’ll be on MDC but listening to the arsecast


Wenger’s gonna start AMN tonight and give me no option but to watch this game isn’t he? :wenger:


Imagine if we win 4-0 tonight and then Chelsea and Spurs start to shit the bed and we do the treble.



Put us in my acca tonight.


If there are infinite, parallel universes, then somewhere out there in some dimension that will happen. It sure as shit won’t be this one though.


I think we may even win today, though not really in a convincing manner. This is usually the kind of game Bayern will take easily and play casually until they concede a goal or two just to put some effort in towards the end. Just one of those games that will be taken as evidence that we can beat Bayern München while when it really counts we suck.


If the existence of Alien life to be proven in 2017 really is only 20/1 then I’m scared. and definitely not watching that new movie about alien life


Or we win jack shit :wink:


The free fall will continue. I’m predicting we’ll loose by at least 2.


Have Wenger to remind Bayern that they need to play against Eintracht Frankfurt this Saturday, they may have their best players to sit out of this game, and then we may have a chance.


This is the type of game Wenger historically wins. Just when you think he’s dead and burried he rises from the dead, starts to feel good about himself, and signs a new contract!!


Just not feeling it. There is an aura of doom around the club now. I don’t see results coming in for another week or so. I hope I’m wrong. We desperately need any kind of positive from this game, but I think Ancelloti has a point to prove to the PL.