Arsenal vs Everton (Premier League)


Da Boss is back :wink:


This 3 at the back business has really taken over the league hasn’t it.


You just referring to us? Everton’s looks like a back four to me.

It certainly is in vogue right now though. Wenger does look like a bit of a bandwagoner lol, won’t complain cos it’s been working so far. Should have tried to change things a bit sooner and we’d probably have top four secure.


[quote=“JakeyBoy, post:63, topic:1478”]
Should have tried to change things a bit sooner [/quote]

Wenger and change in the same sentence.

Don’t rush him, he’s only just got here :grinning:


Squeky bum time ladies and gents

I expect Liverpool to be at least 2-0 up by half time


Perez doing a bit of last minute London sightseeing I expect


Didn’t realize Guzan was Middlesbrough’s keeper so yeah probably right about that.




Yeah no mdc? No place for us to celebrate 21 straight years of CL qualification??


City already take the lead :xhaka:


Maybe the forum does need another mod :unamused:


Mdc open.




too little, too late.


Good win. At least we finished it in style. Now bring on the F.A. Cup!


Pretty good performance with 10 men to be honest, but geez Welbeck and Iwobi are awful finishers.


The loss of Koscielny is undeniably close to being terminal to our chances next weekend. Real shame for him




According to Premier League rule 37.8A. Arsenal could see themselves playing ahead of Liverpool in next season’s Champions League campaign.