Arsenal vs Everton (Premier League)


They have been in the CL once since 2010 very different from us who qualify every season then go out in 1st KO. They also see it as a springboard to success where we just want that sweet sweet qualification money.


Have you ever been in the ground to see a club celebrating winning the league? Like do you actually know what that looks like? Because it’s a completely different story to fans being happy about finishing in the top four, comparing the two is lazy thinking, more suited to fans trying to mug rival clubs off with their “banter”.


Liverpool draw, mcity lose 2-0, we win 3-0,we finish 3rd…
Fuck yeh!! TeamArsenal.
And a 2 month heateave starts this week. Thanks Spain…


That’s surely to be put on the club and not what position we finished in that year?


We finish in the top 4 every season and do nothing with it.


There’s more chance of us finishing top 4 than a two month long heatwave in this country lol


Özil, Alexis, Mustafi, Xhaka… Surely some of these players will prefer playing Champions League over Europe League. Obviously there are also others that were lucky by being bought by a bigger club than they should be at but there shouldn’t really be much doubt that we’re in a better position by offering Champions League football over Europa League.


Liverpool Chelsea and United seem to have kept their best players when they don’t finish in the top 4 lol.


I seriously couldn’t give the slightest fuck what anyone thinks of Arsenal fans.


Liverpool sold Suarez and Sterling in the last 3 years and generally didn’t make too many marquee signings lately.

Chelsea are a Premier League, FA Cup, Champions League, Europa League and League Cup winner in the last 5 years. They have very much a status that allows them to have one off year.

And Manchester United are the biggest fucking club in England and in the top3 biggest clubs in the world and anyway, who do they really have that would have been worth selling in the last couple of years? Who exactly was their best player that they kept hold of?

I honestly have no idea what kind of mindset it is, wanting to sign the best players but at the same time being willing to give away the little bit of edge we have over other clubs.


We never use it though. Plus Liverpool sold Sterling and got Firmino to replace him. For me that’s an upgrade lol and they signed Manè last season with no CL


WTF! This thread has gone while since my last visit, lol!


Mane wasn’t a player who had the status to be demanding CL football.

He’s been a brilliant signing, but at the time of putting pen to paper it wasn’t a big coup, they faced no competition for his signing and nobody cared that they’d got him. At the time Mane looked like exactly the kind of signing a non CL club would make.


@Calum hang your head in shame sir, if we regain the 4PT this afternoon you won’t see me for weeks as I embark upon a drink and drug-fuelled celebration :tada:

The annual cycle MUST be completed and we WILL celebrate it properly :sunglasses:


Don’t talk about any prediction, lol! You have already cursed :mustafi: and us against Palace :mustafi:


Call me cynical but we wouldn’t be targeting them players anyway would we? I’d say everyone we signed last summer would have still signed for us if we finished 5th


Liverpool sold Suarez after finishing 2nd lol. Did I see someone say they think if we finish 4th we might sign Mbappe ? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


IMO Calum’s outlined a good few examples whereby finishing top 4 wasn’t great for a club and finishing outside top 4 wasn’t the end of the world for another.

Here at Arsenal tho we’re always desperate at this point of the season and seem to forget that. A month or two ago when it didn’t look at all likely many people were coming to terms with being in the Europa League, now the fatal hope has struck again :laughing:

If it’s all about Sanchez, well in my view it’s perfectly plausible he could stay on if we finish 5th (particularly if running his contract down to walk to Chelsea), or leave if we finish 4th. I’m sort of over the CL a bit and I would question it being the be all and end all, given how we currently operate as a club


Yeah I’d imagine everyone we signed would have still joined. But being in the CL is clearly important if you want to sign players like Ozil and Sanchez, and if you want to keep the ones you already have. If we want to sign any Barca/Real/Bayern surplus players, which is about as good as it gets for us, then CL is pretty damn important I’d say.

I thought you were using the example of Mane to show that clubs outside the CL can still attract quality players, maybe I misunderstood or missed the nuance of your argument.

I won’t be devastated by being in the EL, unlike others I’d want to take it seriously and win it, and truth be told I am more than a little bored of our CL campaigns, but overall I’d rather we still played in the CL because it gives us the best chance of keeping our best players and signing some more really good ones.