Arsenal vs Everton (Premier League)


City to lose 1-0 and us to beat Everton 4-0. We got the 4th place :giroud:


Sky have chosen to show Liverpool v Boro and Watford v City.

Bit annoying but I guess from our point of view, it’s more important to see what’s going on in the other games.


Streams it is then!


Hopefully we get the win just so we can head into the cup final with 5 consecutive league wins.


We’ll win 3-1 and then we’ll see Pool win on a 90th minute goal by Flamino or somebody.


Moreno :xhaka:


Sky showing City when they’ve pretty much sealed top 4 because of GD, ruins the hype and emotion slightly. Imagine Liverpool drawing and us winning and showing the Sky cameras at the Emirates with our fans celebrating :smiley:


Yeah I find it odd that they’ve gone with the City game tbh. If they didn’t want to show our match for whatever reason, I’d even have picked Chelsea v Sunderland before Watford/City - Chelsea’s victory party.


Dunno about anyone else but the fans celebrating coming 4th like we won the league would be proper embarrassing and would sum up that this club only cares for 4th.


Couldn’t agree more, I seriously aren’t that fussed if we get 4th or not. Its not 2012/2013 when I believed it could be used as a springboard to further ourselves.


I actually would rather we come 5th. We aren’t good enough for the CL and I’m sick of us getting destroyed by Barcelona and Bayern fucking Munich every season.

I want to actually do well in Europe and the Europa is more our level


Here it will be Simulcast between the Chelsea, Arsenal, ManCity and Liverpool game. Not going to complain, though not sure how much they will really show from the Arsenal game.


Im with @Calum on this. Wenger staying just kills my enthusiasm for the club. Give zero fucks for who ever we sign as its just variations on the same theme.
Bring the europa on and have an adventure of sorts.


Yeah, how dare people be happy about something…

Who bloody cares if our fans celebrate or not?! Who would they be hurting?!


Fuck it I’ll be celebrating if we get 4th just to spite all the anti-arsenal cunts on the Internet.


I knew you would disagree :joy: :joy::joy:

If you don’t think its embarrassing celebrating finishing 4th then go ahead and confirm what everyone thinks of arsenal and their fans


Finishing 4th could be the difference between signing Mbappe or Zaha if we finished 5th. So it’s important.


Do you not think Liverpool fans will celebrate too? It’d be quite an achievement for us considering the position we were in a while ago. I’m not saying I agree with 4th place being a trophy, I just hate all the killjoy stuff amongst Arsenal fans.


It’s not. We finished 3rd in 2015 and only signed a fucking goalkeeper. So finishing in the top 4 that season was really important wasn’t it?


Football is about emotion, if we finished top 4 despite the situation we were in for a months, idc I’d celebrate a lot.