Arsenal vs Chelsea FA CUP FINAL


Coaster is the word you’re looking for mate :smile:


I have no idea what you’re on about.


I have absolutely no idea why you would want us to ignore your auspicious combination of Celtic esotericism, diazepam (which might also be spearmints, but whatever) and alcohol, Daniel. :iwobi:
@PPB Learn to read, mate! It is teaching him how to read his destiny, not just how to decipher written text.


That’s quite a cool gift from the club. Nice keepsake. :+1:

They’re rennies.

(I’m here to impart such vital information to the masses)


haha this is kind of embarrassing but I still haven’t got round to watching this, or even the highlights. Going to actually watch it on Sunday




Didn’t you say that you didn’t watch like half the season? After that very little should embarrass you


oh no I watched all the games like I normally do on MOTD every week, but half way through the season I didn’t have BT Sports anymore, so I missed a few games from that


My bad then lol


and I gave up on watching streams of sky sports


‘watched all the games on MOTD’ :gabriel:

So, what you mean is you haven’t watch a single game then?


not since the FA Cup game against that non league side


As promised


I genuinely quite like that! Where abouts will you keep it? I am assuming a mantlepiece or a cabinet somewhere?


Display cabinet with other stuff ive got…


Jesus, the shelf below is the stuff of nightmares.


Mrs used to make porcelain dolls…all for sale if interested :pray::hocho::hocho::hocho::hocho:
Top shelf is worse


the top left one looks like Chucky


That was modled on me…


Each to their own and all that, but holy shit that terrified me. Wasn’t expecting that in here.

Then I scroll down and see the dead one, evidently murdered by evil Laurel and Hardy. Should be marked NSF…something. :wink: