Arsenal vs Chelsea FA CUP FINAL


Ok ive not been around to be able to post about this so i will keep it short

Excellent performance from everyone

BFG was immense at the back, Holding looking like a young TA, Xhaka looking the part again, Welbeck running himself in to the ground, Ozil turning up in a big game and Sanchez being Sanchez

Fucking amazing and still buzzing!


Kid dressed up as Alan Alan Sunderland.


Hello everybody, Angela here from The Koin Club :wave: ( – Just thought I’d pop a little note here to let you know about our official limited edition commemorative to celebrate Arsenal’s record-breaking 13th FA Cup win! – The commemorative is officially licensed by Arsenal, plated in pure gold and is available for £19.99 (+2.50 p&p). Available here:


I did put a link the other day… Do i get a discount?


Sorry @SLAG, unfortunately we can’t offer a discount, but do thank you kindly for the share :clap: You rock!


Worth a try…:+1:


Nice one Frankie.


Ladies and Gentles …
take a deeep breath in
And remember…
what a fucking performance that was .
The score line totally flattered Chelsea !
We were brilliant. absolutely brilliant.
What a day , what a performance
This is The Arsenal


I want to like this more than the total likes Luca has given out in the history of OA.


I’ve got you bro. liked.


Don’t suppose you have a photo of the goods in the real world?

Looks nice, but then so do these…


Ill show you mine when it gets here…


I’ll show you mine if you show me yours


It’s very poor quality but a nice sentiment all the same. This was in todays post after the Emirates screening was cancelled. Please ignore the rest of the shite on my kitchen table. :smile:


hideous circle place mat thing :slight_smile:


fuckin lol.


By saying this, you’ve ensured that we will definitely look at all the other shite on your kitchen table…


Like the book that teaches him how to read


Well its how to read an ancient language in fairness :slight_smile:


That a cheeky subscription to water fountains weekly or something?

You rascal. :smile: