Arsenal vs Chelsea FA CUP FINAL




Fuck yes! Still more trophy than them this season :smiley:



The best Arsenal have played in ages the full team was up for this. Nice to have something to celebrate and restore some pride in Arsenal


Wembley is my drug :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Holding - Mertesacker - Monreal

Elite defence. :giroud2:






*LA :wink: :kissing_heart:


Cos we’ve won 7 out of 8 FA Cup Finals with me in attendance!



Congratulations guys was working while it’s on but all deserve it after the shit season you’ve had!!!


Most intense game I’ve ever watched. Sweating throughout, can finally enjoy now. What a great way to end a poor season.


Thank fuck our team didn’t show up defeated like most of you Arsenal self defeatist pussies. :hipster::xhaka:


You sweaty bast :joy: Tbh I’ve been working and didn’t dare check score once!


Suck it! :smiley:



Glad Arsenal could help give JT a proper goodbye.


if only we’d turned up like this all season long

oh well, cracking day


Anyone else still surprised that Anthony Taylor had the courage to give Moses a second yellow for diving?

Great, great team effort today. Won damn near every 50/50 ball for large portions of the game. Really could have buried them without some strange bounces around the goal.

Beside the really good individual performances, it was refreshing to see a team play as hard as they can and didn’t hang their heads with the Chavs goal.

Great win…


So fucking proud of our club right now. An epic performance against the odds. I was so worried about Mertesacker and Ospina but they fucking earnt their place in that team tonight. Every player gave their fucking all.

Whatever happens, London will always be red and white :red_circle::white_circle: