Arsenal vs Chelsea FA Community Shield


The Football Association Community Shield(formerly the Charity Shield) is English football’s annual match contested between the champions of the previous Premier League season and the holders of the FA Cupat Wembley Stadium. If the Premier League champions also won the FA Cup then the league runners-up provide the opposition. The fixture is a recognised competitive footballsuper cup.

@SRCJJ ^^^^^ that’s why.

From Wikipedia.


Did you read the other parts about how teams used to share it if it was a draw? Or how in 1971 after winning the double Arsenal weren’t in it at all because they had some other previously arranged pre season stuff?


Shocking! Glad it’s not 1971 anymore what kind of stone age were people living in back then?


Fair enough I didn’t see :joy:


My predictions are right at times, I recall getting the semi final and FA Cup final right, so I’m the girl Nostradamus :grinning:


FFS! Just win it! End of it :wink:


That’s not a source :wink:


Lol. As if 1971 was actually mentioned. :smile: fucking hell.


I’ve looked for ages and found nothing supporting any of your claims.


6 substitutions and domestic bans not counting really does say all you need to know honestly.


No doubt we will batter them and everyone will think we have a chance at winning the league

Then we will play Leicester and that hope will shatter lol


Well, no it doesn’t really, since all I’ve found says it’s both competative and official.

The only thing ive read suggesting otherwise is a few words copied + pasted between some red top newspapers.

Like I said I’m open to changing my views, but as I’m sure you can understand, require a little more substance.


Koshelny will be playing this weekend even though he has a suspension rolling over from last season and will be suspended for the first competitive game of the season against lester, Done and dusted the charity shield is not a competitive match


A a slightly different set of rules doesn’t mean it isn’t competative. Don’t mix definitions.

The only people that treat this as nothing are fans, given that both players and managers of all English clubs treat it as both competative and a trophy to win, really should tell you all you need to know.

See how easy it is?


yeah alright mate

The red card he rciviced at the end of the last season means he was suspended for the next 3 competitive matches in English football, the first being the fa cup final and now he will miss the first 2 matches of the premier league Callander its self evident that the FA do not consider the charity Shelia a competitive match


Every game should be treated as a competitive game though, especially when playing against a rival, but that doesn’t mean it is one.


Here’s the fas website competitions page where they no longer list the community shield.


I mean the name has on the team sheet most weeks for that last seven years :disappointed:


I put the sexy in dyslexic bro


Are we still arguing about whether this match matters?

It’s fucking Mickey mouse, everyone knows it. Not even a question. Claiming this counts as a trophy is a joke


Who is out for this one?