Arsenal vs Chelsea FA Community Shield


Tbf I don’t see anyone really hating on our own. Not caring about the Community Shield as a trophy doesn’t mean that anyone’s really unhappy with winning the game.



Not a trophy, Ray. :neutral_face:





a cup or other decorative object awarded as a prize for a victory or success.

It is a trophy.


Is this trophy a real one or a fake one? Who gives a fuck! We have beaten Chavski 3 times in the last 4 games :wink:


exactly how I see it :v:


This is very good. Made me laugh for a good few seconds :joy:


We have become Chavski’s bogey team :smiley:


So much this. I’m glad to see Arsenal beat those clowns, regardless of whether it’s in the league, cup, community shield or my front yard.


Our pace was overwhelming the whole game.

I do think that in order for us to knock off the big teams, we need Xhaka to continue to play like that. That was one helluva performance.



I don’t understand why you snub the Community Shield.

In Spain they want to win the trophy despite the forumula is really shit, in Italy I have seen a giant club as AC Milan on fire to have won the trophy against Juve, in Germany yesterday Bayern Munich players were very happy to have won.

There is a myth who say which the Premier League fans are the best in the World… for me we’re the worst.


I think most fans wouldn’t resent the Community Shield if we’d been more successful over the last decade plus. Where we haven’t been - winning things like the Community Shield is of no value at all.


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Ah, giving Chelsea a false sense of security after today’s result. Now we’ll go into the Community Shield game against them as underdogs, which will suit us to a tee. We’ll let them have this minor tin pot cup, while we aim for our 3rd CS in 4 seasons :sunglasses:
[/quote]They don’t call me Mystic Mysty for nothing :mage:

Regardless of people’s thoughts on the shield, it’s nice to head into the new season on a back of a decent pre season. Well done lads!


Nobody has said they don’t want to win it.

There is a difference between not counting it as a competitive match/proper silverware and not wanting to win it.

Of course we bloody want to win it, especially against Chelsea FFS. I want to win everything!

All people are saying is that it doesn’t count as part of our “trophy haul”.


I think given that it was surprisingly competitive for a community shield match, it’s fair to be encouraged by yesterday. We had a dip in perhaps the ten minutes either side of half time but otherwise I thought it was a sharp, alert and disciplined performance in which there were some really good individual performances. I thought we were worth the win, even if it came on penalties and it’s definitely a platform to build on.

As to counting it as a trophy, I don’t think anyone would suggest winning the community shield constitutes major success, but you could tell in the ground yesterday it was something the team and fans wanted, and the players had clearly been well drilled for it so from that point of view it’s certainly not worthless as a win.


I’d hate to lose the game, which means it has value and therefore counts.

Unlike the Emirates Cup etc, which I couldn’t care less about.


^ 100%


watched the highlights on MOTD, glad to win another trophy at Wembley and lets continue this on against Leicester on Friday :slight_smile: the new penalty system is just kind of pointless really, why change something that didn’t even need changing in the first place?


I agree with that on the new penalty system. The pressure is just shifted onto the second B in the ABBA system. As soon as Curtois missed that pen, all the pressure went straight onto the shoulders of Morata.


I think we’ll see with the evolving stats how this plays out… Fact is, with 60% wins going to the first pen taker, that was ridiculous problem that hopefully is addressed with ABBA.