Arsenal v Sunderland (PL)


1-0 to me :wink:


Giroud to reach 100 arsenal goals tonight


Easy win.
By at least four goals.


Why is Alexis playing? We hardly need him to best this lot, and it makes no sense to risk him with the final coming up in a couple weeks.


Because he’s Alexis and he’s going to play.


He’s my triple captain so shut the fuck up thanks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:







Defo worth a few quid ha


Lol fuck your fantasy team.


Suck it, you betting pudding!


Where’s MDC? Leper? Mysty? Anyone?


I’ve just opened it my good man :slight_smile:

Come on in folks!


Way too long to break the deadlock, but we got there in the end. Alexis is a star. Now onto the final game on Sunday.

And don’t come rushing back anytime soon Sunderland.


Good win. Most pleased about Alexis 81 points in FPL tbh as this was a dead game like the Everton game is


These cunts almost broke our last hope. Hope they never come back.

Crap first half, good second. Should have scored more than 2, but they had Pickford.


Why couldn’t they just fucking rollover, they were relegated anyway.


The Daily Fail running their usual article criticising our attendance.

Lower Tier looks fine, but the Upper Tier decidedly…gappy :hushed:


The holy trinity :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Xhaka is our best CM signing since Fabregas and Cazorla