Arsenal Stats Thread


The link didn’t post the picture attached to the tweet. Here are the games :slight_smile:


There’ll be someone out there who can’t go to weekend games for whatever reason, so maybe those are the last 7 league matches they’ve gone to :laughing:


They better fucking stop going then :rage:


Is it worrying that I was at the last 3 home games on that list. Southampton, Swansea and Watford.



So… its you?


Saw a statistic the other day that we have been a combined total of 130 points behind the Champions over the past 10 seasons. So on average its 13 points a season and only twice has it been a single figure margin, 2007-2008 ( 4 points) 2013-2014 ( 7 points)



The match programme tells me our last 10 league games at Chelsea have now been 8 losses and 2 wins.

In 6 of those games we haven’t even scored, and 6 of them have been losses by at least a 2 goal margin.


Correct a 2-1 win in 08/09 ( RVP brace) 5-3 win in 2011-2012 ( RVP Hatrick). Lost 2-1 in 07/08, 2-0 in 09/10, 2-0 in 10/11, 2-1 in 12/13, 6-0 in 13/14, 2-0 in 14/15, 2-0 15/16 & 3-1 the other day.


We won one against City in this time but that was a Monday night game . . . . what a difference a day makes 24 little hours !








I know we’ve faced great teams, but that’s an average of just over three goals conceded a game. Jesus Christ


Earlier on this evening, I was curious to know how many times we’ve conceded 5 goals or more in a game since 2011.

Well I decided to do a bit of research and here’s the results. I’ve included it down to 4 goals as well, as anything above 4 or more in any game is unacceptable defending.

Games in bold equal defeat to us.

Newcastle 4-4 2011
Man Utd 8-2 2011
Blackburn 4-3 2011
Milan 4-0 2012
Reading 5-7 2012
Man City 6-3 2013
Liverpool 5-1 2014
Chelsea 6-0 2014
Bayern Munich 5-1 2015
Southampton 4-0 2015
Liverpool 4-3 2016
Bayern Munich 5-1 2017

To break that down into numbers

8 (1 game)
7 (0 game)
6 (2 games)
5 (4 games)
4 (5 games)

So this means in six years, we’ve managed twelve games where we end up conceding four or more in a game. Seven occasions where five or more conceded.

Just think, these were games that were heavy defeats, that doesn’t include all those other games we’ve bottled over the years. We’re averaging two hammerings a year

I’d be interested to see the stats for this over the course of Wenger’s entire Arsenal career, but for now I figured the last 6 years are more relevant.

Either way, if any other manager had a record like this over recent years, they’d have been long gone out of the door. What the heck has happened to us over this decade.


You asked this on MDC last night @mysty



Well done to Theo on becoming the latest Arsenal player to reach the century mark for Arsenal, pretty much 10 years to the day since he scored his first against Chelsea in the LC final :theo:


Took him long enough tbh.