Arsenal Stats Thread


Imagine Tottenham’s conversion rate if you took out Penalties.


It,s a shame that isn,t THE table dev. lol.




Just to throw it out there, I’m sure that pre-Everton I saw/heard a stat saying that we’d got more points from losing positions than any other side.


I also heard something similar, can’t remember the numbers and never bothered to check it. We were behind and went on to win it vs. Southampton, (Ludogorets) and Stoke iirc, no idea about draws… weren’t we down vs United? But we’re quite good at it, contrary to people’s projected “weak mentality” on the players and manager. We also rarely lose more than two games in a row, usually once per season or so, hopefully (no jinx) it holds this season as well.

Worrying we lost after two 1-0 leads in a row though. Everton fought like wolves which makes it a bit less painful, but City were limp dicks and we gifted them a come back lol would love to go on a winning streak now, draw the Chelseas and then finish strong. tough schedule ahead in Feb+Mars though :worried:


Arsenal were not top at Christmas for any of their three title wins in 1997-98, 2001-02 and 2003-04.

Nacho Monreal has the 2nd highest win rate of active PL players.

The record for the longest English goal drought belongs to Arsenal, standing at 97 games until Theo Walcott’s brace in a 2-2 draw with Birmingham in February 2008.


Just noticed a typo in that article.

But the most impressive came in April 2003, when Arsenal, with Abou Diaby sent off, overturned Bolton’s 2-0 lead to win 3-2 through William Gallas, Robin van Persie and a Jlloyd Samuel own goal.

Very impressive indeed, considering none of these players had yet signed for Arsenal :ramsey:


One of about 6 Arsenal games that happened more than 12 months ago that I actually remember. In that sexy kit too.



Progress :ozil2:


“Arsenal scored a total of 106 goals across all competitions in 2016”

And won fuck all.



Haters will say ‘what progress’.


106 goals isn’t too bad, but can still be improved on. The second stat I’m not really sure if that’s a sign of progress lol






Simple !


This is fucking annoying lol as its always the only way how we would lose our CS


That’s some real slackness on our part. That’s averaging around a penalty given away every three games…


Yet we still haven’t been able to save one lol.


Most of them have been pretty obvious penalties though.