Arsenal Stats Thread


November :wenger:


That record with Theo tho :theo:


So effectively according to stats its very likely Santi Cazorla is our most important player.


Well, according to that particular stat viewed in isolation. Think it’s a little bit more complicated than that though.




fucking Ramsey lol



When you’ve surpassed a record from the Lord himself, you know you’ve done good.


How will Cristo handle this? Dethroned just like that?


Giroud’s goal was the first Arsenal had scored against a Mourinho team in the Premier League since May 2007 (Gilberto Silva). It was the only shot on target Arsenal had in the match.

2007 :joy: What a fucking time to end that stat.


Statue needed.



Embarrassing yes but I would like to inform our gullible hunch (and there are loads of them) that Mourinho & Wenger didn’t face each other for 5 seasons or more in between.


Is that relevant though trion?
We are supposed to be a top team with a chance of winning the premiership title. You don.t win titles with teams that don.t create.
To think I missed bargain hunt for 20 mins of this shite


lengooner :smiley: hey buddy! glad to see you finally made the transition.


Disillusioned to fkk oomph. There is no light at the end of the lengooner tunnel oompa.
Mystic lengooner can only see atall skinny French t**t screwing the club out of £M,s and achieving sweet FA. The future is looking bleak for the gooners ladies.


haha you haven’t changed much ^^


Neither have Arsenal


Last year we had the highest chance creation and 1 of the worst conversion rates. Wenger spoke on us needing to finish our chances and adjustments have clearly been made. We’re playing from the back quicker with quicker forwards. Ozil has clearly been encouraged to shoot more and he is clinical. Alexis is clinical and Theo’s runs will constantly see him get good chances and he isn’t a poor finisher either.