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But it’s not exactly a negative though is it? Why does it bother you?


If a player has no future here, why kepp him contractually bond to arsenal?


Sure, but who’s to say Zelalem doesn’t have a future here? You can see arguments both ways, but he’s certainly got a better a chance than Wellington Silva did. I think he’s an intelligent player who seems like the type of player who would be better the better quality of player is around him, and if he goes to Dortmund we risk seeing that backfire on us.

Especially for a team like ours so desperately in need of centre midfielders who can pass and control the game a bit.


I think Toral is ahead of him (Zelalem). He seems far more competent up until now, having positive advancements in his spells away on loan at different clubs. Would rather give him a role in the squad next season as opposed to Gedion. It’s odd though that we never sent him out on loan this season after a reasonable spell at Rangers last season.


Not a big fan of Toral myself. Isn’t really a central midfielder and as an attacking midfielder he’s nothing special. Zelalem has a better chance of being a useful player for us, for me.


I dont see much future for both, either toral and gediom are still far from the required level here.


Can see him doing extremely well over there, hopefully renews his contract too.


More chances to play than @dortmund so good for him and for us if we have a long term plan with him.


Zelalem will be the sixth player on loan to a dutch club this season. Jonker’s effect.

In my opinion he will become the next sporting director when Arsène will leave.


Zelalem is joining Dutch 2nd division side VVV Venlo. Expected a first division side tbh, even Crowley is at an Eredivisie club.


I’ll say it. :slight_smile:


Dutch second division?!? What the hell. Might as well call it a day now if thats his level.

Even Sanogo has more promise than that.


LOL Zelalem certainly seems happy with his loan move…


To be fair, they are top of that second division :grin:


Wow… if he was 17 this might be ok, but yeah - he really never pushed on and found his place at the top level. I like him a lot and think he is a cerebral, clever passer, but doesn’t have enough brilliance to make up for his lack of burst or other abilities. Good touch, twists and turns, nice vision and passing, but that seems like about it.


Jesus. That is depressing just to watch.


He had better offers in the summer, whoever convinced him to stay at the club screwed him.

Crowley is at a Dutch first division club ffs.


Just dont understand. Ive seen him play. I know he is better than that, even he knows he is better than that.

Fucking hell. What is going on. That video was awful.


When your small and sleight like your Zelalems, Crowleys, Wilsheres etc… you need to be exceptionally talented to make it in top flight football. Always thought from day 1 Zelalem looked way too lightweight.


Polish article says a loan deal for Bielik to Charlton is advanced.