Arsenal Reserves & Youths


Oh I know that. Like I said in a previous post; we have a good youth team, better than most. Chelsea’s is just ridiculous though, so it’s no shame losing to them.

Performance matters most. And we have a lot of good stuff coming through. I’ve watched both legs of this and some of these players look like they can do something.

Wenger was right when he said he is leaving the next manager with a lot to work with.


Still though, I would’ve thought this group would’ve put up a better fight :frowning: Hopefully it was just shambolic defending?


Chelsea made it to the youth cl final and got beat by Barcelona

They’re even more financially speed up at youth level



Never understood why these old school type English types were in our youth system in the first place…seems like negligence to me. Never was a fan of Gatting from the little I saw of him.