Arsenal Pubs in North London


The Gunners pub
The Blackstock

Avoid the Arsenal Tavern ( its a shithole )
and the Drayton Park Tavern is the away pub.

The Gunners, The Woodbine ( both on Blackstock rd )
The Highbury Barn ( follow Blackstock road towards Highbury Corner )
The Famous Cock Inn ( Highbury Corner )
The Tappit Hen ( Holloway Rd )
Alwynne Castle ( St Pauls Rd )
The Rocket

all decent enough pubs.

The Woodbine, Blackstock Rd, is a good pub.
Gas light at Finsbury park is not bad.

The Bailey down Holloway Road
The Herbert Chapman - Holloway Road


The original thread become a bit of a mess, so it’s good we have a nice new fresh thread for this. Good work @Bl1nk :slight_smile:


I add The Twelve Pins. I always went there to watch Arsenal when i lived and worked in London.


Herbert chapman closed, Bailey now a chicken shop


Herbert I think is now called Filthys


That kinda sucks. I would have loved to throw back a couple pints at a pub called The Herbert Chapman :cold_sweat:


I always go to the Famous Cock as my train goes to Highbury station, so you may all want to avoid that one :grin:


Have to agree the Arsenal Tavern was terrible when I tried it. I’ll try some of the pubs suggested in here next time I go.


The white swan - Highbury & Islington
Wig n gown - holloway Rd.

Cannons - Blackstock Rd(oppo gunners)


Wig n Gown closed its doors last night for the last time.
Phibbers which was closed has reopened with a new name… Not bad in there…


I passed by that yesterday and was trying to figure out did it used to be Phibbers.


Much better than it used to be…


Wig n Gown reason for closure.