Arsenal Pre-season thread


Giroud and Lacazette to have an adebayor bendtner moment this season.


I don’t like to see Giroud and Lacazette together on the pitch, for the 2nd time.


Did Giroud ignore Laca during his celebration? :joy:


This presenter has a perpetual snarl on his face even as he talks. Serial killer vibes.


I know it’s only WS Wanderers, but you can only beat what’s put in front of you - we played some pretty sexy football in that last 20 or so minutes.


I think I’d like to see Elneny at the back more.


50 goals each.


Ooooh elnaynay so close!!


Looks that way. Also saw a few people on Twitter saying that Giroud is not passing the ball to Laca… not something I’ve noticed though to be honest.


FUCK! These kangaroo cunts hit the bar!




LOL! What a weird goal to concede!


Smash these wallaby cunts! How did they dare to score against us! :xhaka: :mustafi:


Just need the koala for the hat-trick :grin:


Iwobi has looked lively today.


Everyone on now :smiley:



Was this line up a poor attempt at misdirection or what?

Enemy, Ramsey, Ox, Maitland Niles, Iwobi

Are we a Championship team all of a sudden?


Game a bit dead now


Ozil’s passing is always sublime :giroud3: